You know you have too many scraps when…


… if when the kids tip them out they take up your entire sewing room floor
your 3 year old can completely bury herself in them!!

I think it might be time to do some sorting somehow!

Just as well I have a spare rotary cutter blade in my drawer 😉

If you don’t hear from me in a while, I’ll be playing with my scraps… I have a few ideas of some exciting new scrappy designs.
Yep, that’ll be where I’ll be 🙂
(that and trying to get some sleep – one seriously sleep deprived Mumma in the Flutter house right now…)


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  1. I dumped all of mine out over the floor today and Little P thought it was great fun…they’re back in the boxes now where they belong, but I have to admit I was also a wee bit inspired to do something scrappy…

    I may just wait and completely copy what you do , my brain isnt working well at the moment either!

  2. So is that a hint that I should start keeping my scraps? hehehe especially with my new found love for quilting hahaha

    Oh and by the way I found out the name of that fabric, and ordered 2 meters of it hehehehe

    Bec xx

  3. Yes that’s a lot!! hahaha! I feel you on the sleep deprivation – I had to get in the cot bed with my little girl the other night just to get her to stop crying 🙁 I hate it when they’re poorly. Hope you get some good sleep!

  4. Well you could make an eye mask and earplugs from the scraps to start with, and perhaps some lavender pouches (good to send people to sleep you know!) and then send the rest to me ;o)

  5. scraptastic! Oh thank you Kat, brings back such happy memories of my wee girl playing with FQ’s and laying them all over the floor whilst I sewed 🙂 Hours of heavenly fun! Happy scrapping, after a good nights sleep 🙂 Susan makes a very good point (nap anyone?)

  6. OH my gosh! I seriously think your scraps outnumber my fabric stash. LOL Maybe you can hire that little helper to match fabric lines up for you while she’s down on the floor with all that gorgeousness. haha


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