Today Hannah went on a playdate to a friend’s house down the road during Abbie’s sleep time.
So while Hannah was in her element enjoying a spot of this:

Tea parties in a tent with a friend,, while dressed as a princess – what could be more fun?

… I was in my element because I wasn’t having my ear chewed off for a change!
 (I apologize if English is your second language and you have no idea what I meant then!).

It was so quiet round here in fact that Abbie ended up having a 4 hour sleep!! I think that was definitely a first.
Mind you, probably something to do with the fact that she played in her bedroom until 10pm last night then was still up by 6am. No doubt that would be the reason!

Anyway – what did I choose to do during this 4 hour marathon nap & quiet time?
Sew? That would have been nice!
Tidy my house? Pffft…. No!
Nap? No…
Watch TV? No…
Read a book? I wish!

No… I am crazy and I spent the quiet time working on my current project…

Snore…. Snore….

Oh sorry… I just fell asleep.
I feel like I have been cutting fabric all day! Which is pretty close to the truth actually…
And since cutting tends to be my least favourite part of quilting, I am finding it pretty mind numbingly boring!!!

But on the plus side – I could hear my thoughts for a change while I was doing it, and wasn’t being interupted every 5 seconds with “Mum…. Mum…. MUM…. MUMMM!!!” “Mum I’m hungry.” “Mum I’m SOOOO hungry!” “Mum can I watch a movie…”
You get the idea.
Love her to bits – but miss my daily nap/quiet time break if you know what I mean 😉

I am also finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel…
My floor is now all clear – progress!

Except for all the loose threads – it desperately needs a vacuum now!  

Shame about the big piles still on the desk & chair though…

It’s not as bad as it looks.
So I tell myself.


At one point when I needed a break from all the cutting I decided to pull my entire stash off the shelves and re- sort it. I was in a ruthless mood and a significant proportion of my stash now makes up the piles you have just seen above which are in the process of being turned into 5 inch rainbow charm packs. As you can see I still have purple, some red & yellow to go.
The pile at the back is just random prints that need to be cut up for the general scrap pool…

Another portion of my stash – this time FQs of quite hard to get designer fabric, also sits in a pile waiting for me to photograph them and list them in my shop…

Some Aussie Denise Schmidt, Suzuko Koseki, Heather Ross, Kokka, Text Prints etc… They all will be listed either tomorrow or Friday so if any of these prints or designer names appeal to you then be warned… they’re on their way.

So my stash has now had a much needed session of liposuction today. It’s feeling a bit more like it can squeeze into it’s shelves now, but it still has some work out sessions coming up. Those will be more in the form of sewing marathons though!

To be honest, to most people (ahem most husbands) it probably wouldn’t look like it’s that much smaller.
But I’m telling you – it really really is! I’ve even emptied a whole entire plastic container in the process…

That means I can go fabric shopping again soon right?! hehehe….
– I’ve discovered now that I lack purple in my stash. So there’s an excuse right there 😉

And that is my Work in Progress Wednesday report this week. No actual sewing progress at all. But certainly one could say I’ve achieved a lot of fabric play.

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  1. Oh, that cutting, you’re so right. I also find it very boring. I avoid it so much that I usually end up cutting fabric as I sew, which makes for a very inefficient way to make quilts. Oh, well! Hopefully one day I’ll just cut the whole quilt out and then sit and sew. A girl can dream, right?

  2. It sounds like a spectacular day! Well done! A day to clear out the clutter and really get a good start on a new project will keep you flying for weeks to come. Great job! xx

  3. That is progress indeed! I agree with you, cutting is such a tedious part of the process. I always end up super tired from the concentration and with a really sore back and hip cos I cant do my cutting sitting down!

  4. I dont mind the cutting part of quilting at all. It’s exciting to start something new.

    You must have needed the sleep Kat . Take it where you can get it !

  5. Talk about getting your busy on 🙂 good for you though, I know what it’s like to be constantly distracted and it always feels like an achievement to complete what you set out to do.

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