First of all – WOW my last WIP report was last June 2012!!!
That’s a long time ago.
Hard to believe really since I used to do them at least fortnightly but never the less.

So progress on Abbie’s Tutti Fruity quilt has continued from the last update on it…
The top is now all sewn together!!

Here I am trying it out for size on Abbie’s bed…

A close up and a picture of the fabric I’m using for the back…

I must admit that I’m pretty darn happy with how my points turned out considering I didn’t use a single pin (or really know what I was doing sewing triangles together).
Nothing like cutting up all your favourite fabrics and winging the plan to get the heart racing…

Now I just need to finish piecing the back together. The back is well under way and laid out, I just have to find the time to sew it together.

I must admit that I really had to push myself to finish sewing the top together!!
As fun as designing with triangles is, sewing them together was no fun whatsoever!
I couldn’t strip piece because of the nature of the pattern, and it was literally just left to right one piece at a time.
Very very monotonous.
But I set myself the goal of a few rows each day and got there in the end.
I’m extremely happy with how it’s turned out though. Can’t wait to get it to the point it’s bed worthy!! 🙂

I’ve also started sewing a few things for my shop…

I’m finding it hard to choose a favourite thing that I’ve made this week. I love them all!
Especially that hand coloured in cushion down the front. The back is covered with chevron minky which is a new find and it is sooooooo snuggly!

Today I got 8 purses cut out ready for sewing and gluing tomorrow.
Production lines are go!!
Nothing like kicking off back into sewing with a bang…

Told you I had my mojo back.
Reigning in the ideas and knowing where to begin seems to have become the new problem 😉

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  1. the quilt is so gorgeous Kat! love the summery color scheme. And look at you all back in your sewing groove! I’m sure its feels good to be settling in to your new home & getting a sense of normality.

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