A bit of progress this week, but lets face it; not my most productive week ever…

I made the last of my May bee blocks…

May Sew & Bee-Happy block for Allie

These are for Allie in my Sew & Bee-Happy bee.
Her idea for these blocks is fantastic! The white blocks (I think) all get sewn together & then layered on top of the yellow blocks. Then she’s going to cut out letters & shapes so that the yellow peeps through.
Well- at least that’s what I think she’s doing. (It’s quite possible I’ve misinterpreted because it took me a while to ‘click’ as to what she meant.) But either way I’m intrigued and I really can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Secondly, I had a bit of a quilt-a-thon yesterday & managed to finish the quilting on all the blankets of love quilt tops that were donated by my CARE do.good stitches bee.
Now they just await binding…

10 blankets of love all quilted and ready for binding

I’ll do the big “show off” each quilt & tell you who made what once they’re all finished being bound.

And that is the grand total this week.
Both jobs I feel very pleased to have off my to-do list!

Now if I can only bring myself to get the binding of those ten quilts done this week then I’ll have a clean slate (won’t that be a novelty!) to start a new project next week.
I think I’ll just have to sit there chanting those two magic words to myself to stay motivated…
“new project… new project… new project(s)…”

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  1. 10 lots of binding?! By hand?! I couldn’t imagine anything worse!! Tis my least favorite part and have now tried to go the machine binding way. Good luck!!

  2. Fantastic progress, Kat! So many beautiful quilts ready to be bound and those bee blocks are marvelous too!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday and have a great week!

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