WIP Wednesday…


Well this will be a short post because since last week I have made NO progress on my WIPs…

Does this distress me?

Because I’ve been making things like this:

And these…

And it’s been a lot of fun!

I have made about 13 complete outfits (many of them 2 piece) for my shop & market stock this week plus completed two huge graphic design jobs. So I’d say that I’ve been pretty successful at ticking things off of my list despite the fact that unfortunately none of it was personal quilting…

If you’d like to see the blog headers I did as part of the logo graphic design jobs then you can visit Cindy here & Bec here. Graphic design is not really an advertised part of my business, but I do love doing it when asked so thanks girls for that opportunity. Make sure you leave them some love if you visit 🙂

So not a lot of WIP progress no, but sometimes weeks like this just have to happen in order to make the money to pay for the personal quilting stuff…
I’m sure you all know how it is!

Perhaps next week?
But almost certainly not next week.
Maybe the week after?
I guess we’ll just have to see…

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