I’ll try to keep this project brief & full of pictures, because it’s getting late & I’m tired. Which is clear in how well I sewed tonight. Or how well I didn’t, as the case may be!

So here goes…

It’s been a very productive time since my last WIP report… I’ve got a huge bunch finished. Yeah!
So; finishes in order are:

The Girl’s “Peaches & Cream” quilts…

Hannah's quilt top

2 of those babies finished…

My “Cheeky” Quilt:

The cheeky quilt is finished!!

Still completely in love with it of course!
You can read about the whole finish of the Cheeky quilt here…

My “Snuggle Memory” Quilt:

This hadn’t actually technically made it to the WIP list – it was still an “in the back of my mind, want to start and finish this at some point” project. But over the holiday break I decided that I needed the cupboard space back and so it got started and finished within a few days…

Read the whole finish & see the rest of the photos here…


Which brings me to my latest finishes…

January Bee blocks so far:

Blocks for Care Do Good Stitches Bee:

Do good stitches Jan block 1
Do good stitches Jan block 2

Block for Cindy in Sew & Bee-Happy:

Possible block for Cindy in Sew & Bee-Happy

I’m so gutted about this block though. I think I win the award for most stupid quilting moment of the day for it. You see – cute as it is I have to remake it because I used the wrong white!
In a moment of blondeness I used white from my stash and not the white Cindy sent for us to use with our own colour scraps.
GAH – I could kick myself. I so don’t have time to be making stupid mistakes like this at the moment. Which is almost certainly why I am making them.
That and the fact Abbie was sick last night just before I went to bed so I spent the night awake on tentahooks wondering if it would happen again and listening to Hannah coughing.

Anyway, moving on…

… We come to my new project…

After cutting up and assembling all the luscious rainbow charmpacks for my shop, I could not resist sewing something with them myself straight away.
I made this block before I realised it was the same one as I had to make for CARE bee this month. But I made mine bigger because I was using 5 inch charms…

Having a play with my rainbow charms...

I’ve no idea what to do with it, but I’m thinking maybe a picnic rug? Except for the fact that there is soooo much white, so maybe I might just make it into a cushion. I’m imagining some awesome straight line quilting around the star so we’ll see.

I still have half of the charm packs left (6) for those who are still interested.
… And just FYI I figured out after I’d already listed them in my shop and sold a bunch that yet another blonde moment had resulted in me calculating the number of squares wrong. Ooops… I told you initially that there was 42 charms in each pack.
Make that actually 49.

** Note to self Kat – 7 x 7 = 49 not 42!! **
I never was all that good at maths, despite my Mother being a maths teacher!
– At least this is an extra bonus nugget of info for you the guys that bought the first 6 packs right 😉 LOL…

Projects that weren’t touched since the last report:

**  Quilt for my lounge (waiting on 2 more bee blocks then have 2 to make myself…)
**  Wonky houses… (trying to figure out how to finish this in a manageable fashion scares the pants off me too much to go there again yet…)
**  Random Improv squares… (still no idea what to do with these… perhaps a Blanket of Love?)

Which brings me to this reports stats:

Finished projects:  5. I’m going to count the girls quilts as 2 projects but not count Cindy’s bee block.
New projects started: 1
Projects ignored for now: 4 – (I know I only listed 3 above, but there’s also a Blanket of Love in the drawer which will be ignored until April when the deadline is looming and the rest are all it. It’s so much easier to do those all at once)

Sorry if this is full of typos or grammar errors. I’m too tired to proof read.
But I figure you guys should be used to it from me now 😉 LOL

Check out everyone elses WIP reports here…

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  1. A redhead here with blonde moments…appreciates your attitude! LOL

    I love all the stars! What perfect piecing and color choices.


  2. You are so busy! How do you get it done? When my girls were the age of our two I could barely string a sentence together let alone sew something properly!

  3. Ummmm wow…so many finishes ! And I love every single one.

    The scrappy star block is da bomb my friend. A whole quilt made out of those is going to be positively luscious.

    Stars are on my quilting must do list this year (right next to my do a zip goal !)

  4. Your creativity always inspired me Kat 🙂 I love all the new blocks you have been working on, they are so bright and cheery. I am yet to start anything as I know I will make mistakes not being in the right frame of mind.

  5. I love how your start blocks are turning out. I may–or may not—decided to try a variety of these on a future quilt.
    I keep making quilts but they keep coming out a lot smaller than I expect. I want them to turn out like yours and cover a whole bed and go to the floor.

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