Wow. It’s been over a month since my last WIP report!
And actually that was a report stating that I’d done nothing.
So lets remedy that fact with an actual report on progress…

The month hasn’t been as productive in regards to quilting as I would have liked because I’ve been so flat out with work & obviously having a 10 day holiday did not help! Never the less, thanks to my super awesome Sew & Bee-Happy ladies I do have some progress on at least one project to report…

Remember this: My Reverse Starbust quilt:

The "wonky" version...

tutorial here…

(please excuse the pukey colours in the mock up – they were obviously a very vague guide – I gave my friends a more accurate verbal description of the colours I was after…).

Since my last report I have made my two contributions:

my 2 blocks together... 10 more rainbow ones to come...

And I have received the following lovely blocks:

From Judith

Block from Judith

From Kara

Block from Kara

From Nicky

Block from Nicky

From Emma

Block from Emma

From Cindy

Royal blue block received from Cindy

From Hilary

Dark green block made for me by Hilary

(I’m so sorry for not linking to you ladies. I’m just so tired and there’s too many of you, so I’m going to pull the lazy card tonight so I can have an early night…)

And here they are looking all cool together –
only 4 more to come… the 2 pinks, red & another teal…

Progress so far...

Can’t believe how cool it’s looking to be honest! Love love LOVE it! 🙂
And seriously – can you believe that I’ve already received most of my blocks already and it’s only the last day of my month. You ladies are awesome – thanks so much!

I’m also up to date with all my bee blocks, despite my holiday. So that is good progress!
I already showed you my CARE blocks for do good stitches. Here are my blocks for Sew Aussie for Claire’s month…

Sew Aussie Feb block 1
Sew Aussie Feb block 2...

I absolutely adore the fabric & type of block Claire chose! As you can see though I ran out of fabric for my second block so could only make half of it. I think a few of us were guilty of that mistake. Me included. It’s a big learning curve having to send fabric instead of sewing from your stash!
I think in many ways I prefer stash bees. I get so stressed about stuffing it up when it’s other people’s fabric…

And that pretty much brings me to the end of my progress. My other 5 or how every many other projects (too scared to count them in case they’ve bred some more) have not even been looked at.
Told you it wasn’t much – my friends were the ones that did all the work for me again bless them!!

Which brings me to this reports stats:

Finished projects:  0 if we don’t count bee blocks. Which lets face it, don’t really count…
New projects started: 1
Projects ignored for now:  a scary number

Can’t see those figures improving for a while either actually unless I count work stuff, which will get boring quickly because there’s so much of it. Hopefully come April things will settle down and I’ll have some more time to sew quilts.
There’s always hope right?

Linking up with Lee, as usual 🙂

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  1. Pretty pretty! I am loving your Sew & Bee Happy blocks. Will you still use a sashing like your mock-up? I’d nearly go for no sashing…they look great right together!

  2. Ooh, loving all your stars (can’t understand why you didn’t go for those neon mock up colours though… ;o) )

    I also love those care blocks, I’m planning some mod mosaics with my stash of rainbow charms, they’re so effective :o)

    PS, I always add in the work stuff, makes the stats look better ;o)

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