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Wow. I haven’t done a Work.In.Progress Wednesday report since February!!
Granted it was the last day in February, but it was still February…

Probably because I was working like a looney on market stuff and there was no progress to report, but thankfully this week has bought some change, so here’s what I’ve done since last time…

The rest of the blocks arrived for my reverse rainbow starburst quilt and are looking totally gorgeous together…

YAY all my reverse rainbow starburst blocks are here!!

Thanks so much Sew & Bee-Happy bee friends – you rock for helping me make this happen! 🙂

Last week I pieced them together & this week I’ve been working on the quilting.

Here is my little helper helping me baste – she had to be there for every step of the way and kept putting herself in the photos. I almost asked her to move then I decided Eh why not – It’s nice to see her so excited about the quilting process already and she’s not even 4 yet!

My little basting helper...

Oh what a mission that stupid stretchy back was. Never again! The stretch itself wasn’t so much of a problem except for the fact it meant the quilt did not want to slide while free motion quilting. Kind of a problem that!
I started quilting it on Sunday and had a few little bursts at it, but I kept giving up since it was hard & unenjoyable. It started to become clear that I was not getting anywhere fast with it by giving up, and it was holding up my to-do list rather a lot, so this morning I made myself sit down and finish it in one session… Gah.
Lots of tugging & pulling later I am pleased to report that I finished it!
{Lets just not look at how even my stitch lengths are ok…}
It compliment the front perfectly though!
Still… it’ll teach me to be cheap and use the “wrong” medium just because I got it on clearance & it matches well…

Now I’m at the choosing binding stage. I think I’ve settled on this lovely rainbow stripe number…


Binding may happen after I blog tonight, but I’m pretty tired so we’ll see…

I’ve also received the last 2 bee blocks for my lounge quilt…

most recent Sew Aussie blocks together

So that’s next on the personal agenda.
I just need to make 2 more blocks myself. Then I can piece the top together.

Otherwise I’ve been working on bee blocks.
These 6 were all made over the weekend:

March blocks for Kyishia in Sew Aussie…

Sew Aussie March block 1 for Kyishia
Sew Aussie March block 2 for Kyishia

I have to admit that I will not be making any more of these blocks by choice. No offence to Lynne – it’s not because I don’t like the block design, rather it’s completely lovely! It’s more that I hate all the trimming of half square triangles.
What can I say… it’s just sheer laziness!

March block for Kara in Sew & Bee-Happy…

Sew & Bee Happy March Block for Kara

That block on the other hand I’d been wanting to try for ages. It was quite time consuming, but I really enjoyed it.

April block for Leona in Sew & Bee-Happy…

Sew & Bee Happy April Block for Leona

Fast & fun!

April blocks for Annabella in CARE do.good Stitches…

Care bee block #1 for Annabella
Care bee block #2 for Annabella

Another block I’d been wanting to try for ages! Those kind of ended up to be crazy-need-sunglasses-to-view blocks, but I loved making them and they are for a gender neutral kids quilt so I hope they fit the bill…

Which brings me to this reports stats:

Finished projects:  6 – ok so I’m totally counting bee blocks this time. Usually I don’t but I need to feel like I’ve achieved something!
New projects started: 0
Projects either on the go or ignored:  a scary number. I don’t think I actually want to count.

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  1. Your rainbow star quilt is LOVELY… Your Lounge quilt block are great too… In fact all of your blokcs look fantastic! The little sheep in one of the blocks makes me smile big.

  2. The rainbow quilt is wonderful. I love the stars as the negative space! And fun that you had a card trick block for your bee- I’ve always loved that block and would love to see what she does with them all.

  3. Oh my goodness you’re flyin’ it! Look at these gorgeous blocks. Loving the Sew & Bee Happy quilt too – they look fantastic together! You’re so rocking this WIP Wed. xx

  4. LOVE the reverse stars Kat and the binding is perfectly perfect.

    I took quite a few shots of my latest finish with my “helper” lolling all over it too this week !

    LOVE Kara’s bee block –gorgeous!(and I think you should totally count the bee blocks as a finish – you did a ton of them !)

  5. I love all your WIPs but your rainbow star quilt is my favorite! I never think to reverse the typical colorways of patterns like that. What a clever idea!

  6. It’s looking good and glad to have been part of it! Still waiting for one more block but as I want to add bits in I’m going to tackle mine next year I think!

    Great blocks Kat! Hope you get it all sorted!

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