Wow, what do you know… I actually have something to report…
Which is very surprising to me considering how long I seem to have been on “craft holiday” for!

I think it all started yesterday with a trip to Spotlight.
I only actually went because they were having 40% off flannelette sheets and we all needed some.
But of course I couldn’t go to Spotlight & not peruse the craft section!! And there’s also nothing like a spot of shopping to get me motivated to craft again!

These pretties just had to come home with me…

A spot of shopping...

I can never resist Denyse Schmidt fabric on sale & the wool was actually specifically for one of my WIP’s, so I could actually justify those.

I already broke into the new wool last night, to add a few more granny squares to my pile…
I’d been feeling for a while like my blanket just needed a bit of a pop of colour, so I’ve decided to add 3 coloured squares into the mix just to break it all up…

The contrast blocks close up
Progress on my Granny blanket...

I’m very happy with how they’re looking in with the bunch. The extra colour just really pulls it together with my lounge quilt. When this one is {eventually} finished I will put it on the opposite couch to my lounge quilt.

My plan is to do 6 rows of 6 blocks all together & I’ll have the coloured blocks all in the same row on row 2 like I have it pictured above.
Then depending on how it all looks I might do a bright red edging around the entire blanket.
But the jury is still out on that. The red is pretty full on so it might be a bit much!

In other progress, today I also broke my sewing famine by working on a couple of bee blocks (ahem May ones…)

A few scrappy chevrons for my CARE do.good stitches bee…

May Care do.good stitches blocks

These are destined to go into a quilt for the women’s refuge this month.
I still have 2 other sets of bee blocks to catch up on, ooops, so those will be next on my to-sew list.

Along with these…

My pile of Blankets of Love

That is my “to-quilt” pile. Yikes!
I think there is 11 dolls quilts on the pile at last count, all for our local hospital’s Blankets of Love programme.
So I have just a little bit of quilting & binding to do.

And that is really it.
After finishing 3 quilts in a month in April/May just before I went on holiday, I’ve kind of finished all my long term works in progress.
{With the exception of my wonky house quilt which is still mentally in my too-hard basket.}

It’s a weird place to be!
Now I really need to put my thinking cap on and decide what my next projects are going to be and I’m finding it harder than it sounds!
But I’m sure I’ll get there and when I do I bet it will be to start 5 new projects at once.
What a luxury 🙂

More WIPs here…

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  1. I like the change to your granny squares. The pop of color makes it feel really modern.

    That is one big pile of quilts. It’s great that they are ready to go for quilting. I just have a rack with tops hanging over it that haven’t been touched in months.

  2. Enjoy that moment before startitis sets in. I hope you have fun with all those little quilts, a great place to try some new quilting ideas.

  3. Oh you can always come and make my ten or so quilts that are stuck in my head with no time to make them! Fancy a trip to tassie for a few weeks?

  4. Your pile of quilts made me laugh. My love of quilting comes to a screeching halt when it comes time to make the quilt sandwich. Your chevron blocks are so scrappy and cool. And crocheting granny squares has been on my list forever. Love the red and purple!

  5. I like the chevron squares. If I knew how to make them, they would be great to use up the rest of these strips I will have left over from the quilt I am currently working on.

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