Hmmm that would be ME…
Because I caved and have joined my first real swap of the year Mouthy Stitches.

I really feel like my sewing groove got lost seriously somewhere back months ago and it’s started to really bug me, so I thought a fun swap would be just the ticket to get me back behind a humming machine again.

I have been staying away from swaps for a while now. Mostly because I was super busy at the beginning of the work with sewing for business & something had to give, but also because I had quite a bad run of terrible luck in swaps for a while so the glow went off them a little bit for me.
But this time I know it will be different and I’m super excited already!!

Wanna see my inspiration for my partner?

Some inspiration for Mouthy Stitches

Ack makes my heart flutter just looking at it!!

It really does help when all 3 swap Mumma’s are long time besties who I’ve even met in “real life,” so I have no fears about being given dud partners…
{*hint hint nudge nudge girls* 😉 }

What is a “dud partner” you ask?
A dud partner in my eyes is one who drops out of the swap AFTER you send all your nice handmade goodies to them but without sending anything on to their partner, thereby letting their partner down.
Not cool and happened to me in 2 different swaps.
Even though I was not unlucky in the receiving I still felt really cross my partner did that to her partner!

And a dud partner is also one who doesn’t even have the courtesy to thank you for all your hard work after they receive your hand made goodies you made them.
Also not cool and that has happened to me 3 different times if you count the 2 times above that my partner disappeared off the face of the earth.

But if you have never participated in a swap (or have been burnt like me) then honestly don’t let that put you off. Swaps can be soooooo fun and you can make the best friends ever through them.

Which is exactly why I’m greatly looking forward to this one 🙂

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  1. I tend to not join in swaps and bees for those reasons as well. Been there, been burned more than once. I’ve also received stuff that, to me, wasn’t made well enough to give to someone else. I know that sounds bad but I take great care when I make things – especially for others – so I expect others to take the same care. Anyway, enough of that grumping! :oD

    Your mosaic is beeyootiful. Rainbow colours rule!

  2. Oh lucky you! I was tucked up in bed snoring when sign up was announced and all the places were gone by the time I woke up 🙁
    Fingers crossed for a great swap experience this time.

  3. I have had some wonderful swap experiences, so hang in there! I don’t do swaps all that often though because I find it takes a lot out of me. I have to pace myself! One of the loveliest experiences I have had with a swap was when I didn’t participate in the swap as such, I just volunteered to be a swap angel. An angel makes something for someone whose partner has flaked. The recipient was so grateful for my gift, it was lovely!

  4. I am so sorry you had some duds! It seems very unfair, that your partners were let downs, but at least you hold your head high!
    I can’t recall if you did the other mouthy one, but that was fun!

    I love your mosaic, such lovely colours, and ideas.

    isn’t it lovely to be in a swap with folk you were ‘already following’, I think I got most from the first mouthy swap, and here are loads of them again! Yippee that you, too are in!

  5. I have to admit in all the item swaps I’ve been in I’ve had the partners who don’t comment unless I contact the swap mama to see if they are still on the planet.
    A few didn’t even post pictures of what I sent them or even confirmed if they had gotten the item.
    I tend to join fabric swaps more as that doesn’t involve any major item making.

    I’m vary of joining item swaps now. I did put in my sign up that I hope I get an active partner =D

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