What a day.
I am so spent.

Early this morning I rung immigration to make sure they had received the extra paperwork I emailed yesterday.
After a 20 minute wait I finally got through to the “general enquiries” who were kind enough to inform me that “ye”s my email had been received, a decision had been made and an outcome letter had been sent by registered mail.
However, being that I was not Neil (JUST his sponsor) the general enquiries line would not release that decision to me, even though I jumped through the standard 50 security hoops.
Never mind, because when the actual person working on his file rung me yesterday and requested the extra paperwork, they told me that it was all ready to approve and they just needed some proof of our health insurance as a formality.
Which I provided.
So I’m believing for a positive result!

That then drove us right onto Decision Street…

To cut a long story short we decided to change our flights back to the original dates despite the extra fee.
What a difference a day makes. Typical, typical, TYPICAL!
I’m gutted that it was a $500 mistake, but what can you do… Overall we will save by going a month earlier, not just financially, but I believe it will also be much better for Hannah psychologically!
{She will have her grandparents and birthday in the next few weeks to distract her, so that saying goodbye won’t be as hard as it would a month later once the sweetness of those things had passed and she has more time to think about everyone she will be missing…}

That then caused me to look at the calendar and realise that it is only 3 weeks today until the move date.
We have to give 21 days notices so of course then I had to organise all the paperwork to give our notice today.
Talk about cutting the decision fine!
(Needless to say that was why I changed the flights in the first place in an absence of a visa decision *sigh)

But as of today –
The movers have been booked.
Temporary accomodation has been booked for once we move out of our house.

I have now also officially booked a venue for our goodbye party.

Tick, tick, tick
What’s that/! – I think I might actually be getting through the to-do list.
Wow, talk about long time coming!!!

Then right in the middle of trying to organise all that I got news that one of my cousins (aged 33) just died suddenly of a suspected heart attack.
We are all still trying to digest the devastating news and I think with everything going on I am still in shock.
Talk about the intense highs then deep lows continuing…
What an emotional roller coaster we are on!

But you know what – that news just makes me more certain of our decision to move back to be close to the family.
As hard as it is to leave our home here, I know in my heart we are making the right decision for the long term.
We have been away from family for long enough.
That is all.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your cousin! Life can over so fast. Sometimes we forget about it. So it is great that you start your new life straight away and feel great the this huge decision is made. Everything will work out fine! Take a deep breath and enjoy all the lovely things around you to remember them ….

  2. It is sad news indeed Kat, but perhaps it is another indication that you have made the right choice. It does not matter where you choose to settle but being close to your roots will give you added stability and comfort. That can only be good for you, Mr F ans most importantly your girls.

  3. It’s hard enough moving countries without the paperwork stress, flight issues, etc let alone a loss in your family. Just know in the end it’s the right decision and try not to get overwhelmed. Just keep focused and moving ahead. xx

  4. Sorry to hear of your loss. My eldest cousin died at 33 of cystic fibrosis, and I remember thinking at the time (at the ripe old age of about 19) how that seemed not a bad age. Now I see it somewhat differently!

    Hope everything else with the move goes smoothly

  5. *hugs*… life just throws a lot of curves sometimes but I know you’ll get through it… so sorry to hear about your cousin… that must have been very hard…

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