It’s school holidays here,
and Mr Flutter arrived home after his first 3 weeks back away on Monday evening…
So it’s a total break from routine and upside down week here!

Very nice though I must say!
Especially to have Mr Flutter by my side again!

Today our computers were down at work, so I managed to escape by 1.30pm and come home early to be with my family.
That meant unexpected time to enjoy a peaceful walk around our lake in the sun by myself –
just the break I needed to clear my busy brain.

I now have a pork roast in the oven and a bottle of wine cooling in the fridge,
and Mr Flutter and I look forward to a movie night together.

But there’s a lot going on here right now that’s not of the “blissful type”!…
If I were to choose a few words to sum it up I would choose:
Decisions, more decisions and logistical nightmares…

You see, as explained previously, I have our flights booked to leave for NZ on May 27th.
But, what I didn’t explain was that are ability to go then is visa dependant.
We thought it would all be fine, and everything would come through in plenty of time,
however there have been delays with Neil’s visa being granted.
Long delays.
And now we face the very real decision of needing to rebook our flights for a later date.

The big question is WHEN!
For example will 1 month be enough or do we risk having to fork out more fees to change them again for another month after that.
OR will they actually defeat all odds and still come through in time.
It’s anybody’s guess what to do…

Unfortunately that decision affects everything else I’m trying to organise,
so everything has had to be put on hold for a few weeks and we are very much back in limbo –
To book or not to book…
To pack or not to pack…
Frustrating much?!

The excitement that bubbles deep within me about the prospect of going “home”,
gets quickly replaced with fear of the unknown and grief about leaving here,
then slowly manages to bubble back up again.

We will get there,
I know this.
But boy could I do without the see-saw of emotions and decisions in the meantime.
Crystal ball anyone?

And that’s where it’s at.

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  1. No crystal ball unfortunately… But if you find one can you please ask when the teachers here will go back to work. The kids have not had school since before Easter and we still have to keep up with our jobs.

  2. Oh it is so hard if you have to wait on something and do not know when it will be done! Everything is on hold and it could feel like a huge cloud around your head! I would try to call and call and call as many times as possible and try to get this thing done. Sometimes the the only thing that helps is annoying someone else until they help you out

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