What comes up,
Must come down…

Yesterday I had my first day of work…
My first day working as an employee rather than self employed (or a Mother) since about May 2007.
Even then I was still technically a contractor going back to 2006,
so it was quite a big deal to be back in an office & not be my own boss for those hours!!!

First day of work in over 5 years... Eeek wish me luck.

I had a great time…
Everyone was very friendly!
There is a lot to learn, but I was able to avoid feeling completely overwhelmed since I have a bit of an idea of the processes from previous jobs,
and it felt great.

Abbie also seemed very happy at her “school” and by all reports had a brilliant first day.
(We call it that for her because she understands the concept of me dropping Hannah off at school, then picking her up at the end of the day and always wants to stay with Hannah at school too. So now she has her own special “school”)
As long as she’s happy I’m happy.

I think I’m going to really enjoy working.
Once I’ve got through all the dumb paperwork it’s created that is,
because oh my has there been a LOT of extra paperwork and organisation this week !!
(we are talking in the hours).


But I must admit that today has been a struggle….
I’m tired.
I got my “friend scarlet” to come visit,
And, quite frankly – you know it’s not going to be the best day when you wake up to an email from your tenant to say that there’s been water damage at your property in NZ!!
Darn it!!
– Always good to have your first pay spent on repairs, before you’re even paid it…

So I have just got home from a morning making international phone calls to repairers,
sitting at Medicare trying to sort out issues with my child care benefits for the THIRD TIME THIS WEEK,
then sitting at the doctor, only to get home and find out I’ve been told misinformation and have to go back again this afternoon.

I should be studying for my real estate registration right now,
but I’m not gonna!
Instead you’ll find me with chocolate at the ready, watching something funny on TV…
Sometimes these things just need to be done 😉

Tomorrow it will be on the up again.
And I will put together a linky party for those that want to link up and join me with their goal setting.
Until tomorrow…

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  1. The property problems are a bugger, just what you didnt need. Hope you can sort that out without toooo much trouble. Glad work went well too. Now feet up and scoff…

  2. Oh bum, these things always seem to pick the worst possible moments! Know what you mean about the paperwork though, sheesh, I’ve filled in about 50 forms this week, not to mention having to do a million copies of passports and god knows what else. That’s why it’s good not to change jobs often I reckon ;o)

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