We’re here, we’re here…
A little bleary eyed & worse for wear at the moment, but we’re here in the UK.

It’s all so familiar but foreign to me at the same time.
And so very picturesque and GREEN compared to the sandy dry of Western Australia.

We shall not talk much about our flight over…
Only a few small facts which I’m sure will set the scene enough:
Abbie had 3 hysterical meltdowns before we were even on our first plane.
I lost count after that.
I guestimate that it was about four hundred and fourty four.

She also decided to set a new record for how long a toddler can stay awake.
At 21 hours she finally cried herself into a coma for an hour.
1 stinking hour the whole journey!
This made me “sad”.
Or simply want to poke a pencil in my eye.
Enough said!
Lets just say I’m really excited about the journey home!!! HA.

But the main thing is that we both made it here alive.
It’s great to see everyone and we are having a wonderful time.
{Despite the fact Abbie is still trying to set records for surviving on no sleep. So far today it’s going on 4pm and we’ve been up since 2.30am with only a 20 minute nap in the car. Fun.}

On a brighter note – the weather here is glorious!
We packed a suitcase full of winter clothes and layers since up to this week it’s been apparently freezing.
But the sun has come out for our arrival and it’s been lovely.
Yesterday our mercury soared to 29 degrees C.
Today 26 & sunshine predicted all week.

We have just arrived in Nottingham for a long weekend to celebrate my nephew’s 3rd birthday and introduce Abbie to her 3 cousins. It’s wonderful to see her getting on with them like a house on fire.
She is LOVING having small people to play with again.

I’ll try and update again in a few days when there’s more {other than sleep deprived grumbles} to report.

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  1. Yay! You are just up the road. Have a brilliant weekend and if the thought of flying home with Abbie is too stressful then send her ahead on a different flight and follow on the next. 😉

  2. Yay – you made it! I have had trips with a toddler like that. Enjoy what you can and block the rest out as quickly as possible!

    Have a lovely trip!

  3. Yayyy, and you really ARE just down the road from me now! 🙂 Even closer than Susan! 🙂 Hope you both manage some sleep over the weekend and it all settles 🙂 Have a good’n! See you next week!

  4. Wow poor you! *Big Hug* At least you survived the journey. I’m sure other plane travellers felt your pain too!
    So glad you got here with the good weather =D

  5. ooooo I live in Nottingham – I hope you enjoyed the lovely sunshine here today – how lovely that you survived the flight and are enjoying seeing family. Not long til the retreat x

  6. I think that sort of journey would definitely make me consider something like Phernegan. It’s awful to think of drugging your child but what is worse – sounds like Abbie had a horrible time and made the whole plane suffer with her. Anyway, glad you actually made it there in one piece and that you will have a lovely time, especially next weekend. Jealous. ‘Nuff said! 🙂


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