Can you here me screaming with glee from over there?!
Because today I can’t wipe the smile off my face!

It’s a little surreal because it’s all happened so fast, but,
today Mr Flutter started a new job…

That means no more flying away,
40 hour weeks,
home every night,
and actually living together FULL TIME again.

And the best bit: he has not even had to change companies,
his company offered him a job in the head office, yeeehaaaa.

It remains to be seen how my tool loving husband will fair long term in an office environment,
but I’m sure he will grow to love it if it means getting to come home to happy crazy hour every evening.

More soon (once we all come back down to earth)

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  1. Great news and many congratulations from here. It’s wonderful news indeed… Why do I have a feleling that that grin of yours will be around for a long time 🙂

  2. Congratulations … and just think up some projects around home where he will need to work with tools … a swing set … ahh I’m sure you can come up with some projects

  3. Wonderful news Kat! I have been following your blog and the trials you’ve been through this year. You won’t know yourself. It will be a great time for your family.

  4. That is fantastic news for you and your hubby and your kids. More time with daddy is a big win. Hope he finds a way to balance office life and his love of tools… maybe he could get creative with the tools in a man cave (translates to shed for most men and computer room for my hubby). Also many many congratulations and welcome to the 30 club.

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