Cuddle time….
{If you are not a lover of animals then I apologise in advance, you will not ‘get’ this post…}

Last week I wrote and told you about our weird situation when Miss Bella the cat (who we had rehomed the previous month) came back to us…
At first I was so convinced that the people who we had rehomed her to had dumped her back to us for some unknown reason (and who knows – perhaps they still did). But as time has gone on I’ve become more able to consider that maybe, just maybe, she made what I imagine must have been a several day or a weeks journey back to us herself.
She came back to us very dehydrated, but not underfed (which marries with her hunter like tendancies, but the lack of many places to get a fresh water drink in dry Perth) and she slept for a few days solid. But mostly she did not seem traumatised in the slightest and did seem SOOOOO happy to be back.
She is so comfortable here and around us that has been like she never left.

I tried to get hold of the people that we rehomed her to but I did not have their number in my phone (which in hindsight was idiotic!). When I rang the number I thought was theirs on my phone bill they told me I had the wrong number. I’m convinced I didn’t and that’s what made me think they must have dumped her for sure.
But then later it occurred to me that maybe they told me that I had the wrong number because they “lost” her and were embarrassed to tell me that. I mean, given the fact they lived so far away from us I’m sure they too thought it would be impossible for her to come back after a month, and if it were me I wouldn’t be thrilled about owning up to the fact that I lost someone’s cat!!
They really did seem in love with her too and I just can’t fathom why they would drop her back without a word, because she is the loveliest cat.
I guess that we will just never know the truth.

Anyway as we’ve now had her back a week, the girls and I {including the dog} have all grown insanely attached to her. I was getting more upset by the day about the fact we were going to have to say goodbye to her again.
It was hard enough the first time, I suspect the second time would be an entirely new form of emotional torture. Especially given the fact that I hadn’t been successful yet in finding her another suitable home – let alone the fear that she might run away from that one too and find we’d left here.
So I have been very conflicted about what to do.

They entire reason that we had tried to rehome her in the first place is because when we move back to NZ we will be living with my parents for a yet-to-be-determined period of time while we get settled. That could be months and is looking likely to be until possibly Christmas.
They already have 3 cats and put their foot down to me –

But today, given the circumstances, and our impending heartbreak about saying goodbye to Bella again, I decided to bring out my big trump card with them –
emotional blackmail, dun dun daaaaa….

It was cruel, but I played the
 “you have been trying to talk us into moving back for a long time so that you can see your grandchildren all the time, and now we have given you what you want… lets not forget how much we are giving up to make that happen…” card.
**tut tut tut.
It was below the belt, but boy did it work and
Wahooooooo they have relented and said we can bring her with us.

I am so happy about it.
Not to mention the girls.
I’m sure it will be incredibly exciting for us all mixing 3 generations of family and 2 families of pets under the one roof and
I anticipate many cases of fireworks (and not just of the feline variety I’m sure).
But hey, it’s only temporary right. And it just seemed WAY too wrong saying goodbye to Bella for the sake of a couple of months.

Happy, happy days.

In regards to everything else I have going on, oh my don’t ask.
We are officially living out of suitcases now and my house has gone to a whole new level of trashed.
You should see me try and pack boxes while the girls try and “help” me by taking things out and replacing them with other things.
Or trash 3 rooms in the time it takes me to work on packing 1.
It’s fun times.
But we are getting there…

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  1. I love happy cat stories 😉 I am so happy for you that Bella is back, I hope she will get through the move well. There’s a special place in h*ll for people who kick out a new cat, mean mean mean!!

  2. aww I’m such a softie I’m proper teary eyed. I’ve had to rehome a cat due to moving country twice. First time was easy and went well, perfectly happy cat. second time was proper last minute and utterly heartbreaking. so very happy to hear you can take her 🙂

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