Our time in NZ has nearly come to an end.
Which is good in some ways, since we miss Neil at home!
But bad in others because we have to say goodbye…

We’ve had a wonderful time here!
Suze & Glen’s wedding last week was beautiful!
I’d post some photos but my friends would probably kill me!
They are not girls that like to be in front of the camera…
You’ll have to use your imaginations 🙂

We have seen all the family and friends that we had time to squeeze in a visit this time.
Including my Godfather.
I was thankful to my parents who looked after the girls for a day so that I could do the 4 hour return journey to go and visit him.

My girls have been enjoying Nanny’s craft boot camp which seems to have been the theme of our visit.
Lucky girls having a Nanny who works as a children’s worker, with a home full of fun activities to do!
There has been much picking of flowers from the garden…


Talking to puppets…


Painting with marbles in a box…


Weaving & beading necklaces & making boxes to store said necklaces in…


And everybody has had their cuddle tank topped up with baby cuddles…


Including the Grandparents…


What have I been doing while all this is going on?
Not a lot is the answer!
A lot of visiting people and spending time with my friends without the children.
What a luxury!
Yay for Grandparents!
I’m feeling very lazy, but making the most of it while I can at the same time!
I also have a cajillion emails to reply to which I just haven’t had an opportunity to do.
Tomorrow we have a 2.30am start off back home.
Here’s hoping for smooth easy “sailing”
See you all again soon!

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Kat Soper is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of The Helpful Academy. She lives with her husband and two daughters in whichever country they're calling home at the moment.

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  1. The girls look like they had a perfect holiday and were kept well entertained. So glad you got to go and visit your Godfather. Sounds like a lovely trip all round but I bet you are glad to be home 🙂

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