Progress on Abbie’s “Tutti Fruity” quilt has been made…
I currently have 7 out of the 14 rows sewn together.
Woo hooo…

I’ve used ALL my favourites for this quilt!
– Fabrics that I’ve collected over the years and have been hoarding for that special project.

Now that I’ve got the layout sorted (which gave me quite a challenge at first I will admit),
and figured my way around sewing triangles together, I’m really enjoying seeing this one come together!!
In fact I think I could get a little a little addicted to designing triangle patterns.
There are just so.many.options!

In case it is not clear from the photos I’ve made patterns with coloured hexies, separating them with neutral diamonds. It’s subtle but I like the balance of colour it gives.

Hopefully I’ll get a little more sewn tomorrow.
Not that I’m procrastinating painting doors or anything 😉

PS Loving that I have so much floor space to play with now. So blessed!

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  1. IT LOOKS AWESOME! It’s so much bigger than it looks on IG. Love the colors you’re using – clearly they are incredibly special fabrics for a special little girl. Super!

  2. The quilt is so cute! I tried to make something similar a couple of years ago and got stumped by all the seams coming together. Are you ironing the seams open or to one side? Might help to have bigger triangles also. I also really like the separation of the hexies with the white triangles – great idea!

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