**  You know that sleep I was craving the other day?
Well it sadly it hasn’t happened…

**  I think my best friend left something behind at my house after her visit…
Her germs!! LOL

**  The poor things arrived sick with a bad cold, were sick their entire 2 week trip with us and left still sick.

**  My own family stayed well while they were visiting with us, then all decided to go down like flies…

**  We are feeling grim grim grim. Me especially.
For some reason I decided to get it the worst.
It verges on Man flu I tell you.

**  Ok sorry, whinge over. There’s been lots of good stuff happening too…

**  On Saturday night I got glammed up again, this time to celebrate a friends 40th.

Another Saturday another party. This time celebrating  @littlepoppa 's change in decade.

**  It was a great night with great company and food.
My friends really out did a gorgeous job with the decorating.

@littlepoppa 's gorgeous 40th

**  I’ve also had a bunch of belated birthday presents & exciting mail trickle in this week which has helped take my mind off my sinus headache…

Inspiring new book from my brother…

Another yummy new cook book. This time from my brother. Can't wait to make those maple cranberry pancakes this weekend. Mmmmm

Absolutely beautiful embroidery & other goodies from another clever friend

A gorgeous stitchery & goodies that arrived today for a belated bday present. Thank you so much my clever friend @mynameisem for making my day!!

And awesome Scrappy Swap package from Nicolette (Dutch Comfort)

My very cool scrappy swap parcel from Nicolette. The local scraps from The Netherlands are especially cool

I LOVE the whole parcel. Nicolette really outdid herself at stalking me because look – it’s like my new bag had a baby…

My new bag just had a baby. Thank you so much to Nicolette (Dutch comfort) for my awesome new pouch... It couldn't have been more perfect!!

Seriously, how cool it that!!
And the local fabric she sent all the way from The Netherlands is also especially cool. I was very blessed to have her as my partner. So thank you Karen & Nicolette for a great swap 🙂

**  On the weekend the girls also had their fairy dancing end of year concert.
I managed to drag myself out of bed for the few hours it was on and I’m so glad. They both danced beautifully & had a ton of fun dancing on the big stage.

My fairy dancing girl at her end of year concert

**  I love that the concert was so laid back – they could each wear whatever they wanted and the emphasis was simply on having fun.

**  I think the contrast between that & their (very) formal ballet concert in two weekends time with full costumes & make up required will be vast.
Each has their merit though.

**  And that is our week thus far…

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  1. Naw, you guys don’t have much luck in the health department do you? Hope you are on the mend real soon.

    Wasn’t Saturday night wonderful? I had such a great time with all of you and could not have asked for a more beautiful night.


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