**  Eeeek I have something quilting related to show you for a change…
Check this out:

YAY all my reverse rainbow starburst blocks are here!!

**  Isn’t it gorgeous? I LOVE it when something in my head works out as well/better in reality.
Thanks to my wonderful Sew & Bee-Happy ladies, this quilt top has become more than just a sketch and is looking mighty fine. Don’t you agree?

**  I think I’m going to flag the sashing. I tried it out with the family sitting all over it (read: the children rolling all over it and screwing all the pieces up eeek) and it is a perfect size for a picnic blanket for us. Not too small but not too big to lug about at the same time. So I’m just going to sew it together like this.

**  I’ve chosen a backing from my stash, which I got on sale a while back, and think goes perfectly. Here it is bucking tradition and drying on the washing line from it’s prewash…


**  I’ve officially gone mad though… this is a stretch knit that I actually bought to make cheap clothes for my girls from.

**  But let me reiterate again that it was on SALE haha…

**  $3 a metre I think I paid, or something thereabouts. And it happens to be THE perfect size, a perfect (dark) colour for the back of a picnic blanket (hence the prewash), and it has rainbow hearts all over…

**  So I’m just going to get over the fact that it’s stretch fabric for now.
– Most probably only until I start quilting it and curse myself for making such a dumb choice. But it can’t be any worse than the time I had to quilt my memory quilt – that had a stretch knit front & a stretch fleece back. N.i.g.h.t.m.a.r.e!

**  In other news…

**  In an effort to be more “environmental” and health concious, I have just purchased a new bike & trailer for doing the school run.

**  Because Hannah’s school is close enough to make me feel silly using the car, but a bit far for her to ride her bike and a bit far for me to walk return when I have something on in the morning (which is every morning).

**  So cycling with the kids in the trailer seems like a good choice.

**  Time will tell how committed I am to using it vs how many excuses I make to take the car instead. But my current bike is completely the wrong frame for me and WAY too big and uncomfortable to ride, so committing to ride that every day just isn’t going to happen.

**  I’ll show photos when they both arrive. They’ve had to be ordered in for me in the colours I picked 🙂
(couldn’t live with pastel mint green I’m afraid… I’m sure you’ll be very surprised to know I went for blue instead 😉 )

**  I have done no sewing this week, but I am starting to feel better from my stupid cold, so perhaps I will feel well enough to do some tomorrow…

**  If you missed my first market report like a few people seem to have, then no I’m not being a tease (ahem Shay!) and you obviously just weren’t paying enough attention since it was Sunday snippet time 😉 So you can catch up on that here…

**  Chicken Korma on the menu for dinner tonight (yes homemade Susan – well homemade from a can anyway haha).
What’s on your menu?

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  1. Fabulous picnic blanket – though I would be freaking every time a bit of egg mayo dropped on it!! Glad you are starting to feel better. And we want to have action shots of you on the bike – get the ever helpful husband to be the photographer.

  2. congrats on the new bike and have fun… love the quilt.
    I’ve one used minky once on the back on my long arm, just be careful with it and if you have a cotton batting then it might help with the stretching.

  3. OH! OH! OH! I love the stars quilt top ….talk about amazing!

    Good on you for biking it. Last time I exercised was in 1989 . (I’m not proud of it –Im just feel like confessing )

    I dont know how I missed the market post ….maybe it was invisible to some of us?

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