**  In breaking news – I am now on Instagram!

**  Since I am not part of the apple club I had to wait until it was available for Android.

**  I’m still getting to grips with how it works, but you can find me at Flutter_Kat…

**  Some Instagram snippets of this week…

My week in photos...
**  Hot chocolate & hot water bottle weather
**  Hannah rocking her “reward dress”
**  Fashionista Abbie redressing herself
**  “Treasure” I found while unstacking the dishwasher… – Apparently I needed
to specify WHICH cupboard Abbie I was asking Abbie to put her shoes in.

**  Today I had a heart stopping moment!!

**  I had a phone call from Neil mid morning.

**  Firstly he doesn’t usually ring me while he’s at work – so that set off alarm bells.

**  Secondly when he started talking he sounded like he’d been in an accident and was losing conciousness or something.

**  Lots of incomprehensible moaning.

**  Needless to say I started to freak!

**  We lost connection twice with me getting more and more panicky each time.

**  Thankfully he had a work phone available to ring me back immediately and tell me that he was absolutely fine – it was just his {Stupid!} phone doing strange things.

**  Apparently I sounded absolutely clear to him but he could tell I couldn’t hear him properly by the sound of me getting panicked.

**  So thankful that was all it was! It took my heart another half an hour to stop racing!!

** Today Abbie has a bit of a cold and we had to stay home from our planned morning out.

**  That meant I actually got some sewing done, woot woot!

**  Quilting has successfully begun on the huge stack of Blankets of Love I have in my “to quilt” pile…

**  I can neither confirm nor deny that bee blocks may have been made as well…

**  Can’t give it all away & have nothing to show for WIP Wednesday now can I… 😉

**  I had a mini-makeover this week…

**  It involved getting contact lenses for the first time in about 5 years & a fringe cut in

**  The timing was coincidental but it’s given me a bit of a fresh look for winter.
I’ll see if I can take a photo soon.

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  1. Loving that photo of Abbie!! She is hysterical. And horrible about that phone call. Not nice when you have those stomach churning moments. Glad nothing was wrong! I’ve no idea about instagram. Should I be checking this out??

  2. Geez, you’re so behind the times, instagram for android’s been out for a couple of months ;o)

    Bugger on the crazy phone – my parents phone sometimes does odd things too, it’s most disturbing!

  3. That’s what looked so different about you last week, it wasnt just the new fringe it was the fact you wernt wearing glasses! I cant beleive I didnt pick up on that! Both changes look really good on you x

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