**  We have been enjoying having Neil’s Mum stay with us… She has survived the heat very well considering that most of this week it’s been over 35 degrees Celcius (HOT!), often humid and she has come from winter. Even those of us that are used to summer have still been struggling.

**  We have been doing a lot of perusing the shops & “morning teas”…

**  But also a LOT of staying home and being in isolation, because both girls have had different highly infectious diseases this week and gone down in varying degrees of sick miserable heaps.
So there has also been quite a lot of this….

**  Thank goodness Abbie has started to like watching small doses of TV, because it really is a life saver during weeks like these when we’re stuck at home.

**  This week we also had THE most spectacular thunder and lightening storm that any of us have ever experienced in our lives. Not all that much rain, but from 1am – 8am we had the loudest thunder you can imagine and constant lightening like a strobe light. Ask anyone from Perth – I do not exagerate!
The sheet lightening was constant and then every so often the sky would light up like fireworks going off with a line of fork lightening.
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G stuff! The four of us sat up at 2am in front of our glass doors and watched it over the lake.

I think there would have been record numbers of people taking the day off from work the next day, since it was all far too loud for anyone to sleep through!

**  Ok, time for another little “Mummy brag” …
Look at the amazing pictures that Hannah painted yesterday. I promise you that she didn’t have any help whatsoever (I wasn’t even in the same room half the time).

Painting in a tiara & knickers – only Hannah would do that! LOL

Isn’t she clever! 
The two on the right did have lines marked on them which she filled in (they were canvases given to her for her birthday), but the one on the far left she did all by herself. It also has a face drawn on it which you can’t see in the picture.

I can’t believe she is only 3 when I look at these – I don’t think I would even be that good and I’m an adult LOL…

**  I am off away now for 3 nights. All will be revealed as to why on Thursday.
So I will not be replying to any comments or emails now until Friday.

**  But I have a few blog posts scheduled while I’m away, so I bet you’ll hardly even notice 😉

Enjoy your week – I know that I sure will be!!

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  1. Hi Kat! Its funny for me to read about the intense heat there when we just had a [beautiful] snowstorm over the weekend! Sorry to hear that the girls have been sick– hope everyone is better now. That lightning storm sounds mesmerizing– and it lasted so long! Your daughter’s paintings are so sweet and I agree– v. impressive for a 3 yr old. Have a great time wherever you are going (curious to find out!)

  2. I hope your girls are feeling better. The storm was a doozie, wasn’t it? Part of our side fence came down during it. Bugga. Happy Australia Day for tomorrow.

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