**  It’s pretty late here (10.51pm) so lets (try and) make this brief…

**  Today it rained and was grotty outside. So I sewed up 5 more outfits for my upcoming shop opening, before giving up and going to read a book.

**  This week my cat Billy got drawn by an artist over on Instagram. Here is the photo I tagged her in and the resulting drawing…

**  Pretty cool huh. Follow along with @afternoonan to see more like it and potentially get your kitty drawn.

**  I had happy rainbow mail today…

**  Yes that’s probably about 100 zippers. I guess it’s obvious what I’ll be making a lot of in the coming weeks!!

**  Thank you to everyone who encouraged me when I shared about my headaches last Friday!
I went to the doctor again on Saturday, at my wits end with them. He confirmed that they were migraines and he prescribed me not 1 but THREE medications to take. Fun times.
I’m now quite spacey but I am starting to feel a lot less in pain which can only be a good thing!
I had some tests run but so far they’ve all come back normal.
I’ll have another review in a months time and see where to go from there…

**  Lastly I had to share this little video clip with you… It gave me no end of a chuckle this afternoon. I dare you not to laugh.

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  1. Glad you’re starting to feel better. There’ll be some drugs out there that will work for you – from our experience you just try until you find one that does the job. And then you can do more than that too – but hopefully this will sort you 🙂 Yay for happy mail!

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