**  Hmmm….. what a day….
Yesterday was Hannah’s first full day at school. She loved it. But on the back of being sick last week when she got home she was T.I.R.E.D. Read; hysterical and over emotional about everything….
Unfortunately that has carried over to today.
I am not loving the behaviour.
I am trying not to give her away.
Luckily I still love her anyway…

**  I am also still not feeling great.
I finally went to the doctor yesterday.
Luckily my blood pressure is absolutely fine still – I was a little worried it was that…
So stronger pain killers, a full blood work up and referral for an ultrasound later, and hopefully I should know what is up with my body very soon!

**  I have not started packing yet for our trip to NZ on Thursday.
There is not much time to go.
I am not yet stressing, but I am thinking that reality will set in really soon and I might turn into something resembling a headless chicken. Soon. But not yet.
I’ve still got other things to do first.

**  We had the carpet in our house professionally cleaned yesterday
What a mammoth task – read above about having still things to do before I can think of packing
– putting the house back together after moving all the furniture around for the carpet cleaning is one of those things!
Although it’s mostly there now.
What I was thinking doing that this week I’m not quite sure!
But it is REALLY nice to have clean carpet. It has helped my sinuses already & my headache I must admit.

**  Neil had a half day today and has the day off tomorrow.
He has officially now finished the electrical part of his Uni Studies for his apprenticeship.
I think him having some time off might be something to do with why I’m not stressing about packing yet.
I know I have all day tomorrow to focus on just that…

**  Ok now on to the bit you care about – I have drawn the winners for my fugly giveaways….

Winner 1: 

Contratulations MC – you win the brown pack 🙂

Winner 2:

Congratulations Rhonda! You win the green 🙂

Winner 3:

Whoopsy – accidentally saved my random org pic as the wrong file type – but the Random Org picked # 7 who is…

Congratulations Tracey, you win the blue pack.

If you three winners could please email me with your addresses then I will get your parcels off to you at the end of February when I get back… 🙂

**  Lastly, thank you to all of the people that volunteered yesterday to be pattern testers for me! I have enough applications now thank you.
I haven’t had time yet to make a decision, but when I do I’ll be in touch.
Thanks heaps, you guys all rock!!

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  1. What a nice peek into your world. Hooray for Hannah! Boo for you feeling sick still. Yippee for doctors working it out. It seems like life is good for you xx

  2. Congratulations to the winners. I hope the doctor comes back with some answers for you soon. And I laughed out loud about giving away Hannah. Don’t we all feel like that about our own some days – but I love that you actually say it out loud!

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