**  Pffft…. what was I JUST saying yesterday about looking after myself?

**  For the last 2 or so weeks I have been trying to be very kind to myself & do all the right things:
I’ve gone on a more healthy diet, gotten rid of my diet coke addiction, mostly gone off sugar, and been trying to rest/sleep a more decent amount.

**  Then today rolls around…
here I sit at 10.37pm having just finished working, munching on the Easter eggs I bought for the kids (I KNEW it was a bad idea to buy them this early… now you know why the basket in my Easter basket tutorial was devoid of chocolate – I was too scared I’d eat it all), and I had Hungry Jacks (blerck) for lunch because it was all that was near at hand and we were an hour away from home.

**  Oh… and then there’s the diet coke I had earlier too.
I was doing so well too!!

**  Well – if I have a headache tomorrow then that’s proof that diet coke is toxic to my body. Because after living with an almost constant headache for the past 6 months, I have not had a single headache since I gave up diet coke. It was an experiment that needed to be done, despite the fact that I miss it because it’s the one thing other than water that I drink.
I’m thinking that the absent constant headache is worth giving it up for though, but we shall see what tomorrow brings!

**  On the plus side I have spent a fortune on new fabric in the last 2 days.
Hang on… is spending a fortune considered a plus side?
Haha. if your name is Neil and you are married to me then I’m thinking the answer is NOT.
But otherwise new fabric has got to be considered good right?
I was pretty restrained though because most of it already has a home to go to. But a few things might have just snuck in because they were on sale & I liked them 🙂

**  I got also an email from Pink Castle Fabrics yesterday to say she’d sent me a parcel.
I was like “Huh… surely I’d remember going on etsy today?!”… then I remembered. My Flea Market Fancy pre-order. Eeeeek!
YAY that must mean it’s on it’s way.
Excited much!!

**  I’ll have to try and take some photos of my most recent dress makes to show you because in the last 24 hours I’ve made some stunning ones, even if I do say so myself.
I can’t wait to write up the patterns for them – I just know you are going to love them!!
Yes Rhonda, I will try and hurry. Promise 🙂

**  That about brings me to the end of my random rambling tidbits for today.

No photo even today…

**  Oh that’s right… I forgot to tell you – here is one I took of Hannah last week. She has just started ballet and I just think she looks a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e in her new uniform!! Don’t you think?

She struck the pose without any instruction. So Hannah! She was born to do ballet most people that meet her reckon. But time will tell if that has any ring of truth to it. All I know is that she loves doing it – and that’s the main thing to me…

Here she is a bit more natural.

Too cute!

**  K… off to bed.

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  1. I gave up diet coke once… it didn’t stick. Good luck with all the getting healthy stuff. I’m rootin’ for you!!

    And your daughter is adorable, for sure. So sweet in her little outfit! I can’t wait until my daughter can be in ballet!! First she needs to learn to crawl, of course….

  2. Ahhh, the key to kickin coke is to use some to clean the toilet, pennies etc. Once you see how it completely scours them you’ll feel a bit different about it goin inside you…unless you need sparkley clean guts 😉
    Very very green about the DS…. lol

  3. Diet Coke= yuck! I hope you can stop drinking it again.
    Hannah looks so cute in her ballet outfit.
    I have been petting my Flea Market Fancy.not sure whether I’ll ever cut into it.

  4. One day slip isn’t so bad, just get right back on the wagon and you’ll do fine 😉

    Your daughter IS adorable!! She does look like a natural – kudos to you for getting her enrolled early 🙂

  5. Natural Hannah is adorable!

    Look, we all fall off the wagon. The thing is to get it together and get back on the straight an narrow tomorrow. You know you’ll feel better for it 🙂

  6. Sure, the wagon’s there to clamber back onto tomorrow :o)

    As for Hannah, I’m sure your daughter will be blessed with far more grace than yours truly, who at the grand old age of 4 ended her ballet career by sitting on the record we were meant to be dancing to… I only went for the free lollies after class anyway ;o)

  7. Hi Kat

    I can relate to all of those things, especially the trying to be good since I put on 5kgs in the last couple of months without changing a thing except giving up breastfeeding. Pretty depressing that I also weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant with the last one. Oh, and you should try Saxby’s Diet Ginger Beer!


  8. Awww, Hannah DOES look adorable! I love the red on her.

    Don’t beat yourself up over yesterday, you’re doing great! Hopefully no headache this morning…

  9. Hannah looks gorgeous. My two did ballet for years and then finally told me they were both quitting when we left the IoW. I didn’t find out until after we left that the teacher there had a flipflop at the end of a bamboo stick and used to slap their legs with it when they didn’t do something right!!! They never told me! And now they have been put off ballet for life. Sad!

  10. We toyed with ballet in this house but it never amounted to much once they got past the cute stories about ponies and such! She does look ADORABLE! Long may that remain so! And buying fabric is always a good thing – though now I want some FMF!

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