**  In the last week we have had a taste that winter is coming…
Within a week we went from sleeping with windows open & no blankets to sleeping with windows closed, winter pyjama’s and blankets.

**  So I cleaned out the girls drawers on Saturday and got out all our winter clothes ready for the cooler weather to continue.

**  And what would you know, the very next day the sun came out and we have roasted ever since… Today is 32 degrees – not exactly winter clothes weather hmmmm!!! Typical.

**  We are enjoying some much needed down time for the beginning of the school holidays. A more flexible schedule has meant more pyjama mornings of easy play…

No laughing at my slippers…

**  More time for creative activities together…

**  These necklaces & bracelets are so great for small children because they are made with memory wire. So if they get pulled there is no clasp so they just slide right off the child’s neck. Much less chance of breakages (or strangulation) when little girls fight over who’s bracelet is whose…

**  Not that my children ever fight.

**  HA yeah right! My nose just grew…

** In sewing news I finally had a chance to catch up on bee blocks. I made 6 over the weekend but I’ll show you those tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.

**  I have also managed to piece & baste my rainbow starburst quilt…
Quilting has begun…

Quilting has begun...

**  The stretch knit fabric backing is proving a challenge as I expected but just not in the WAY I expected – spray baste is my friend so I am not having a problem with puckers (well so far) but I AM having a problem with the fabric being too grippy and not sliding easily. Talk about hard work to quilt!
Yikes, small bursts are all I can manage because I really do have to tug it as I quilt this time and it’s hard, sore work.

**  It will be worth it. It will be worth it. It will be worth it.

**  … just trying to reassure myself.

** Seriously hoping I don’t regret that fabric choice!

**  On a completely random (and R18) note
– it has come to my attention over the past 2 weeks that my recent blog post “what’s new Pussy-Kat” has been having an oddly large number of hits!!  I must admit that I did wonder when I originally wrote the title whether I would be asking for trouble, but call it an experiment if you will, I decided to go ahead with the title anyway and see what came of it…

**  Well, my hypothesis was proven quite successfully really – it turns out that putting the word pussy in your blog title is indeed a good way to bring more traffic to your blog. Only a few extra hits.  5-600 more hits than a usual that is.

**  I must admit that it makes me chuckle thinking what a disappointment my blog must be to all those people searching for “new pussy”.

**  Do you think any of them stayed around to learn to quilt or read my faith page?
Somehow I think not… 😉

Happy Tuesday

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  1. Too funny! We should go on a campaign of suggestive post titles just to play with the brains of those looking for less salubrious Internet content. So glad you and the girls are getting some down time.

  2. Well you lot are just a bunch of teasers! Though I did have one post title – have I been naughty this weekend? – or something, which got a lot of interest but I was only buying fabric – not naughty enough I guess!

  3. You’re hilarious! Sounds like you’re having a fab time with the girls and life is treating you well. Your post just gave me a great at home warm toasty feel. Thanks!

  4. LOL – Love the traffic boost from a suggestive title.

    Great beading task for your girls. I need to get my kids more crafty these school holidays. So far, they’ve been luke warm with the craft idea.

  5. Bahahaha! That is hilarious! I note you have amended the post title now 😉

    Where did you buy the memory wire from? I can think of a certain Miss 4 who would LOVE this activity 🙂

  6. We’ve had a preview of the summer to come here, it snowed this morning… o.O

    Anywho, hope you’re winter’s better than our summer. Actually, it probably WILL be better than our summer!

    I still haven’t got over Di not letting me name our bee Strip Tease because she thought we’d get weird people wanting to play with us… ;o)

  7. School holidays are meant to be spent in pj’s till late morning 🙂 We woke this morning to a chilly 4 degrees so the fire was lit, which is a sure sign of Winter being here 🙂 Time to bring out the crocheting..yaaaa

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