**  Today I am tired.
 Still feeling the jetlag.
And a bit cranky.

**  Just ask my kids – they know!

**  Mind you, they are pretty cranky themselves…
That’s what happens when they decide that 1am equals morning and then won’t go back to sleep for another 3 hours.
So fun.

**  I also started a diet today.
That’s no doubt another reason I’m cranky.
But it’s completely necessary… I got on the scales this morning to discover that I’m officially heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant with Hannah.
Hmmm…..! Not good!
Just the kick in the pants I needed to stop my see-food-and-eat-it diet.

**  I also had to spend over $500 at the dentist while I was in NZ getting my teeth fixed up
– that’s another pretty good wake up call to stop eating so much crap!
It had been 4 years since I’d last been though.
Tut tut – that’ll teach me!
But paying out so much money on stupid fillings = another reason to be cranky.

**  That means an end to my diet coke addiction as well.
I’m pretty sure that wasn’t helping the teeth thing and it certainly wasn’t helping the overall health thing so goodbye daily diet coke treat and caffeine fix 🙁
Yes, yet more reason to be cranky.

**  I also found out last night that Neil doesn’t get back from working away until the 21st March.
So.not.impressed with that news!
That will make it over 5 weeks being separated this stint.
I can’t even bring myself to think about it.
I’m sure it goes without saying that this little nugget of info did not help ease my c.r.a.n.k.y.

**  On the plus side I had some fabulous mail while I was away!!
That always cheers me up!…

**  Firstly I received 4 more blocks for my Reverse Starburst Quilt. But I’ll show you those tomorrow in my WIP report (otherwise I’ll have nothing to show you! 😉 )

**  Secondly I received a fabulous parcel of Heather Ross goodness from another WA quilter friend that I know through Facebook. She was so generous to me and purchased this from her local quilt store for me. Thanks so much Waverlee!!

Ooops now that I’ve seen the photo I realise that I also included the unicorn which was not from Waverlee. That was actually a swap from Laura, another friend from the same quilt group, who was desperate to get her hands on some HR goldfish.
She offered me her soul but I graciously let her off with a unicorn 😉

And Yes friend who begins with S… before you go complaining at me again about hogging all the Heather Ross in the world (pfft) you may have some of this if you don’t have particular ones of them (with the exception of the unicorn). Just let me know which prints you are missing and I will send you a care parcel.

**  Thirdly I received this gorgeous Laurie Wishrun print from Kym over at Fabric Fascination...

Kym advertised on Totally Tutorials (which by the way I just noticed has my scrappy quilted pouch in the blog header – how cool is that!) about a month ago for people who would like to receive free fabric. The (small) catch was that we just had to make something and release a tutorial for whatever we made.
Umm…. let me think about that…
OK THEN! 🙂 🙂
Since I’m all for free fabric, I applied and luckily got chosen.
So watch this space for a tutorial made from this gorgeous fabric.

**  Suggestions for tutorials are welcome!
(in other words I currently have no clue what I’m going to actually make… 😉 )

**  All this wonderful fabric but no energy to sew.
I have officially not sewn in 2 weeks.
Hopefully tomorrow that will change because I’m pretty sure that’s another key to my cranky.

**  Ok, I will stop being a moaner now.

**  Time to go fall asleep watching some TV and have a night off in the hopes that my cranky pants get to go in the wash tomorrow and I get to put on my ray-of-sunshine pants instead!

Night 🙂

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  1. Oh Kat, I can totally understand being cranky! I could not imagine going without caffeine cold turkey! I wish you luck in the diet department. I have been dieting since Thanksgiving and whenever I’d get off track and try to get back to eating less, I too would be viciously cranky, but luckily it only lasts a day or two until I’d get used to it. I am calling my diet “operation shrink booty” and I even have my kids on board with it. Otherwise I’d never get any exercise if they wouldn’t cooperate.

    I love the bunny fabric.

  2. Oh man, yeah, that would bring the crank out in me too – have you considered having a mallet handy at bedtime? No? Bottle of whisky? ;o)

    Still, happy mail is good, and free fabric is especially good! Note book cover? Kids art packet thingy? Crayon roll? Err… that’s it, I’m out!

  3. You have a lot going to definitely justify being cranky. Diets are so not fun. I just wish none of us would need to eat. Just imagine, no weight issues and so much more time for sewing and quilting. I’m hoping that’s what heaven is like, Ha, ha !!

  4. Love the bunny fabric, and my vote is for some sort of small basket to put a few Easter treats in. I gave up the diet coke 15 months ago, and some days it is still torture when hubby drinks one in front of me. I had a 9 can a day habit–no self control so I don’t allow myself even one sip.

  5. Totally hear you on the diet front Kat – I am so fat at the moment and haven`t dared stand on the scales but `i`ve eiter put on weight or my clothes have shrunk in the wash! I will not go to the FQ retreat fat. I.WILL.NOT! It`s warming up here now so perhaps I`ll eat less. Sorry you are cranky – do some exercise if you can bare it – the happy hormones definitely make you feel better! I have disturbed sleep too at the moment – after 3 years of sleeping through – gahhh.

  6. Me, me! I’m ‘S’! Woohoo! Cranky pants be gone. Happy pants be on. Glad to have you back in place. Me too, sort of never left but alone again tomorrow. Normalcy resumes in our little corner of the blogosphere.

  7. Good luck with the lifestyle changes. I wouldn’t give up my coffee for anything.

    I think when you come home after a holiday it always takes a few days to get back into the swing of things.

  8. Wow, I can imagine the need for crankiness! Make sure you are fair to yourself, and don’t give up all of your vices at once entirely–moderation in all things, even dieting! 🙂

    Also, there is a LQS somewhere that still has Lightning Bugs? What the what!?

  9. I can relate to the cranky and the weight. I just had a neuropath assessment and she has given me my diet list…..I do pretty well and then sabotage myself by reaching for the sugar, so cold turkey on the sugar. I know I will feel better and hopefully fit into my clothes better for it.

    I adore those little gnomes!! My dad had that book when I was young and i used to pour over the pictures in it. If you ever have a little scap of that can you make me a key fob with it please, I will beg you know!

    Good luck with the crankies and remember to do something nice for yourself every day, Neil will be home soon 🙂

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