We interrupt this post-holiday broadcast to complain a little about the weather…
GAH the weather here sucks!!!

The last 24 hours (or more in some areas) we have been battered with gale forced winds up to 140km per hour. There are trees & branches down all through the streets and many people have lost fences, some having lost roofs. Loads of boats have been washed up to shore after they have been separated from their moorings.

Some storm damage in our area...
some of the typical damage in our area…

More than 200,000 homes are reported to have lost power and 100,000 or more unfortunately aren’t estimated to get power back for days, possibly a week.
Thankfully we are one of the few pockets in our area that only lost power for 3 hours yesterday and life is going on as normal for us. And even more luckily we have gas hot water & cooking, so in the event power does go out here we’ll fair better than most in our area!

Still, with 2 more days of stormy weather and dangerous winds forecast we all continue to be on tentahooks as we listen to our windows rattling, watch the huge tree in our front yard thrash furiously about and watch our back patio roof creak & lift about 100 mm in every gust of wind.
Scary stuff!!

I have just been to stock up on emergency supplies at one of the only working supermarkets/shops in our area.
We’ve had friends here today stocking our freezer with their food so it won’t go off & charging up all their phones/laptops.

And now we all wait it out.
Praying under our breath with every big gust…

Think of us please if the sun is shining where you are 🙂

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  1. Hi Kat, just getting caught up on some blog reading now! Hope the weather is settling down a bit for you. It was lovely meeting you in London, and glad to hear your journey home was safe and uneventful! Jxo

  2. They’ve been fishing people out of floodwater here, so I’ll not wish that on you! Anyway, you’re a flutterby, you’ll float gracefully ;o) Hope it clears up quickly and quietly.

  3. Wow the weather has really had a mind of it’s own these past weeks! It’s funny though here (the UK) they have been predicting the exact time it’ll start raining. Hope you get through it safely =D

  4. Wow! It must have started here at my sister’s house & picked up speed on the way there!!! We had some pretty big winds here night before last, but nothing like what you’re having now. There were some trees bent over & big branches down, but no power outages.
    Be safe & take care!!

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