It’s been a week of getting brave in this house…

1) I put my application in for a shop stall… Although I haven’t yet had a chance to send through all the supporting photos etc that need to be sent too. Hopefully that’s tomorrow’s job.

2) I tried hand colouring fabric. It was super fun!!

Although next time I need to use fabric specific pens.
Have you got any recommendations of good ones for me to try?

Next I turned my drawn on fabric into a cushion which took me to new thing #3…

3) Putting a zipper in a cushion. I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before but I hadn’t. Now I have x 3. It was easy peasy!
I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo or the actual zip, but here is one of the finished cushion…

That’s chevron minky on the back which has to be my favourite thing of the moment!!
I loved it so much after I bought half a metre to try that I went back and bought 5 more metres, yikes. I’m planning to make covers for my couch out of it because it is the cosiest snuggliest feel ever.

and last but not least I finally conquered my irrational fear of the…

4) Metal purse frames…

Yup I’ve had these darn things for 2 years and they’ve been sitting there unused for that long because they didn’t come with a pattern template. I did try following a tutorial (or two different ones actually) to design my own template but I was disappointed with the results both times.

But this week I decided they had been sitting there for quite long enough and I took the ball by the horns to design a new template, taking on board what I had found last time and amending it accordingly. It took me a few goes of trial and error this time as well if I’m honest but I finally go there with a finished product I was happy with and managed to churn out 9 in an afternoon.

I’ve since moved on to the bigger version and that turned out really well too.
I think I can officially say that my fear has been conquered!
Repetition and perseverance turned out to be the key for me.

I could probably consider doing a tutorial if anyone is interested?

So it has been a productive week!
I have a goal of how many things I would like to produce a day and I’ve smashed it so far this week.
Here’s hoping I can keep it up next week too. Although there is a little girl in bed next to me with a croup cough going on, so we shall have to see.

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  1. lovely purses ! & I for one am happy to hear that I am not the only one being challenged by purses. I bought a frame at Brisbane’s Quilt Show last year, knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I had saved a pic on Pinterest of a purse with mini (1/4″) hexies…..I got lots together & read lots of web instructions about how to make it but just couldn’t progress to a finish.
    thanks for all the work you put into your blog, I love reading it.

  2. Interesting, when I looked at the picture with the pen, I see it says “Sharpei”, but looks just like my “Sharpie” pens! lol
    I’ve used Sharpies and Pigma Micron pens for making quilt labels.

    I’d be interested in a tutorial for the frame purses!


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