It was my turn in January to choose the block for my hive 8 stashbee ladies…
I chose to make a Togonoxie 9 patch block in blues and greys to use as a throw for my living room…
{Tutorial here}

finished block

In late January I started to receive blocks and progress is coming along nicely…

IMG_4629 IMG_4901

I am now trying to decide whether to set these on point, add some sashing, or simply leave them as they are and sew them together. Part of me wants to be adventurous but the other part of me likes simplicity and I like how it’s looking now just by itself. It’s certainly big enough without sashing because it is going to be just a throw quilt after all.
Anybody got any brilliant inspiration for me?
Thanks in advance!

I feel like I’ve totally and utterly lost my quilting mojo again. I always enjoy it once I’ve started sewing, but it’s the going downstairs and getting started bit that seems to allude me at the moment. Those stairs seem to be quite an obstacle I’m finding (especially on days like today when I can barely walk at all let alone down stairs – my trainer broke me at the gym yesterday and I feel 80 now).
The old adage of “out of sight out of mind” is starting to become a bit too true. Perhaps I just need to start sewing something exciting that I can’t stop and it will get me back into the habit again.

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  1. Just start sewing. No matter what it is it will get you back into your sewing room and you will start pottering and finding all your projects and before you know it, you’ll have to tear yourself away.
    As for your blocks, I like them as is. I feel like the cross is kind of the sashing. It’s going to contact all your blocks to each other. That sounds silly, but once you have them sewn together you won’t immediately see that they’re cross blocks, they’ll look like 9 patches held together with a semi scrappy sash. .. Maybe 🙂
    E xx

  2. Normally I would say go outside of your comfort zone. But I find when I’m not motivated to sew, something simple that I can do without any screw-ups is the best way to go 🙂

  3. Having sewed myself into a state of lack of mojo, and pressured myself to get something I hated done, I say play with a few scraps and have fun, the blocks aren’t going anywhere!

  4. sew something pretty. Something for yourself or one of the girls, that pulls you in and makes you want to get sewing.. a pattern you have made before so not too taxing, but pretty and fun. perhaps a dress for one of you three!

    PS, it seems my blog list has stopped getting you automatically… I do not know why…

  5. The blocks look great together, such a good color combo. I would say wait for inspiration to hit and you can get excited about sewing them together. If you need a larger throw quilt use sashing or a wide border all the way around. Whatever you do I can already tell it will look amazing.

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