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3 girls in this house are all grinning from ear to ear today.
Proper happiness that reaches to our core &
Smiles that reach to our eyes.
Oh what a difference it makes to have our family complete again!

An easy day at home.
A lie in for me as I listen to happy giggles from young and old in the living room.
A haircut
A celebratory dinner with “special adult drink” (sparkling grape juice instead of our normal water) and donuts for dessert.
A bubble bath while I listen to the bedtime routine go on without me.

It’s sometimes the small things we take for granted!

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  1. You so deserve a break and a happy reunion! If I had to do it on my own like you have, I think I would end up in the nut house. Seriously, I don’t know how you’ve done it. Enjoy a little bit of time for yourself:)

  2. Very impressed with your market stall. The dresses look adorable. Very tiring, I know, as we once did a second hand book stall in France and the setting up and taking down alone were exhausting. Well done.

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