I was thinking of doing my traditional Sunday Snippet and making you wait until tomorrow to hear about my market, but I know so many of you are looking forward to the run down so I won’t be mean & make you wait.

Today I had a stall at Market Girl – The first time I’ve entered a boutique market.
Here is a photo of my stall at the beginning…

I was pretty happy with how it came together really.

Here are a few shots of the market while we were all setting up. So that’s why there aren’t customers yet…

The calibre of some of the stalls was very high, and I must admit that I found myself quite intimidated amongst many of the very seasoned “market girls”. But the lovely ladies in the stalls around me quickly made me feel relaxed.

I feel quite pleased with how it went. Overall I don’t think it was quite as busy as I was expecting, but I still did well enough to make it feel worth it.
I have some work to do this week to replenish my stock before next weekend’s market, but thankfully in some ways not enough to make me panic. A happy medium I feel!

And between you and me – I’m just happy to have survived it in one piece!
Because I am a really good advertisement for a person requiring cold & flu tablets at the moment… I spent all of yesterday in bed feeling like I wanted to hide from the world thanks to the most wicked sinus headache I’ve had in a long looooong time!
Drugs did not touch it and I was kind of worried about if I’d be up to today!
But I prayed with all my might that I would be over it in time, and thank God my prayers were answered and my headache was gone this morning.
I did lose my voice on several occasions throughout the day, but thankfully I managed to restrain from sneezing or snotting on anybody 😉

I couldn’t have done it without Mr Flutter though. Huge thanks need to go to him for helping me get there this morning (I would have got terribly lost if I hadn’t been following him) and helping me set up & down.
Yay for husbands! 😉

Here’s hoping that next week is at least as successful and my budget for FQ retreat in London will be feeling much much healthier…

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  1. Hi Kat! Your stall and all the things there look so beautiful! It really invites to look and buy! I’m happy your day went well and I do hope you feel better!
    x Teje

  2. Kat, the stall looks great. Glad to hear that it went well and you survived without sneezing on anyone. Your Mr Flutter sounds wonderful like my hubby. I would be lost without him to help with setup of stalls and relocating contents of sewing rooms and relocating contents of friends sewing rooms and allowing me time to sew.

  3. Yippee to the success! Of course you belonged there with those other market girls. You make brilliant stuff and your stall looks like it was beautiful. So pleased that it was worth your while.

  4. Your stall looks lovely. And it sounds like you sold enough to feel justified in all the hard work you did in the leadup.

    I keep toying with the idea of a market but I think Im just too lazy !

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