The view from here is still pretty grim.
Abbie finished her antibiotics on Friday for a double ear infection, only to require another trip to the doctor on Saturday. Now Abbie is on a new course of drugs for a respiratory & throat infection & Hannah on a course for a throat/ear infection.
We are So.over.sickness!!!
{so yes, that’s why no crafting to report.)

The kids being sick again has helped cement something in my mind that I’ve had niggling at me all year, but which I’ve chosen not to make time for up until now…
 – My desire to try & live more simply without as many chemicals and additives in our life.

Part of my quiet over the last month has been because I’ve chosen to spend a bit more time on this. It’s been baby steps, but I’ve been starting to make an effort to live more healthily (and part of that has been having a rest too!).
But I didn’t want to share too much about it publicly until I knew it was going to stick & that it wasn’t just a passing phase.
I’m quite good at passing phases.
Hence the Flutter.Kat name – because I tend to flit from one thing to the next.

But I think I’m good with this one. If I was going to flit onto a new phase I would have done it by now, but mostly my mother’s heart really wants to keep this “new start” to do my best for my kids!

So yep, I’ve been thinking & I’ve decided that it’s time to start a new blog/diary.
Firstly, lets clarify;
I mean as well as, not instead of this diary!!!
 – Diary of a Flutter.Kat (this space here) will still certainly remain my main blog! 
Also nothing will be changing about the type of content I share here, subject matter etc…

Moreso I have chosen to separate out this new subject matter from this diary because 
a) I don’t want to alienate anybody – I have a good thing going here and I know that the new subject matter won’t be to everyone’s interest. (And that’s ok!)
b) I feel like there would be too much content all together to put it on just one blog anyway, even if I thought that was a good idea.

So… my new blog is called “Flutter.Kat’s Journey Natural”
It’s only a few hours old, and will no doubt have it’s header changed after I have more photos to choose from, but it currently looks like this…

You can read all about my new start here.
And I will be regularly (although not daily like I ‘normally’ do here) blogging about my journey to go natural, whether that be a recipe, something I’ve learned, or a progress report etc…

If that kind of thing interests you too then I’d love for you to jump over and support me!
I could do with some more friends to discuss & bounce ideas off with.
And if you have a blog specifically on that kind of subject matter then please drop me a link, I’d absolutely love to read it.

So that’s where I’m at.
One of these days I will actually get time to craft. I hope!

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  1. How cool! What a fun idea to document it. It seems many people are trying to be more natural today. I read a great book called something like Vegetable, Mineral, something else by Barbara Kingsolver. She tried to live only from eating local foods for a year with her family. The book was great and really changed the way my family eats. You should read it!

  2. Don’t normally read your block and just happened on it today, but consider food allergies. My kids had repeated ear infections, etc. Wish I had known to look at the foods they were eating, as now many (many) years later, I’ve found I have food allergy issues (and I bet they do too, but they don’t want to know and have to give up the good stuff) Natural eating would be a good idea too. is a great site for much more than gluten free–and what I’ve made from there actually is tasty as well as healthy.

  3. Huge change but for the best. I think as you take on challenges so well you will do this incredibly well too. I’ll be following you every step of course!!

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