This weekend has been much anticipated for weeks…
Mostly {for me} because I was nervous about pulling off all the details that I had to do,
and {for the girls} in excitement about performing on the “big stage”!

On Saturday morning it started {early!} with a rehearsal…
On Saturday evening it continued with the first of two concerts.

The girls both danced beautifully and left me feeling
 immensely proud of them!!
Especially Abbie. She was by far the smallest ballerina of the night, yet so brave and she loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any photos or videos of the event due to copyright photos, but here are some photos of them in their full make up and costumes…

Beautiful Miss Hannah…

My beautiful ballerina Hannah in her end of year tutu

Beautiful Miss Abbie…

And my smallest ballerina Miss Abigail in her end if year costume... So proud of both of them for the great dancing they did this weekend!!

Yes that child swinging under the bar while the rest stand tall is indeed my cheeky Abbie.
How perfectly that photo sums up her personality! I love it!!

And their certificates & trophy (Abbie’s trophy is already missing in action!)

Dance is officially over for the year. I can't find Abbie's trophy already!

This time Saturday, in full preparation & never having had the opportunity to see them dance before, I was left questioning whether all this time & money was worth it.
But by Saturday night while watching them & then again on Sunday night at the second performance I was completely & utterly convinced.!

But I definitely do plan on enjoying the break from routine before it all starts again next Feb.

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  1. Dance is so good for them, rhythm, movement, style, grace and the being on stage is such so good for their confidence. They both look so cute, I think you have every reason to be so proud and pleased. But yes, it is a lot of work so enjoy the time off too.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you won my Sew Mama Sew giveaway! Please email me at chezrooblog at gmail dot com to let me know your address :). Your girls look adorable by the way.

  3. Adorable girls! Reminds me of a picture of my daughter at that age –you can see her face as a woman (especially Hannah). Hope your family has a wonderful Holiday! I know I’m looking forward to some time off too!!

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