Meh, I’m nothing if not unreliable at the moment.
No valid excuse.
Other than it’s been busy & in my downtime I’ve had my nose in a book.
Haha yep told you – not really all that valid!!

Anyway some sewing has been done & I’m slowly catching up on some bee blocks…

Improv “piecing” for Nicky (Miss July) of Sew & Bee-Happy:

Sew & Bee Happy July

Turning all “Granny” on you for Dolores (Miss August) for CARE Do.good stitches…

August CARE do good stitches bee

I hate being late for anything so it feels great to have one less thing on my catch up list!

More coming –
(two lots of paper piecing… so please wish me luck eeeek!)

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  1. Your “catch up” blocks look great Kat! I’ve been painting some ceramic plates & crocheting lately – going to have a table at a art & craft show the end of the month. Tomorrow I think I’m going to see if I can find my Christmas fabrics to make some coasters…wish me luck!

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