It’s been another long while since my last update so I thought I’d give you “the news according to Kat”…

I’m please to report that April has been a lot kinder to us than the nightmare of March was!
What a relief.
April has been awesome – My Nana, Mum and I all seem to be moving on from our ill health and I’ve been making up for lost time getting lots of work done…
Jobs from all over (bee blocks, my garden, our renovations, jobs for my business, my housework) that had built up and started to overwhelm me during my month down all of a sudden started to get checked off one after the other and for the first time in a long time I’m starting to feel caught up.
I really, really love that feeling!!

You know those kinds of jobs that you want to do but don’t get to and they start to drive you crazy?
They hang over your head, hide in the corners of the place and niggle at you.
Well I had a lot of “niggles” and they were starting to really wear me down.
It will take more than one post to catch you up on them all so I’ll start with one of the big ones –

It all started with this unfinished “room” of my house…

photo 4 (Large)

The entranceway/hallway!

Except more realistically it usually looks like this (or usually worse)…

photo 1 (Large)


It is the first impression of our home, the last area to be painted and ever since we moved in has just been the dumping ground for unhomed stuff…

Scaffolding, oil heaters, 10 doors waiting to be painted, a rocking horse, a dehumidifier, ladders, suitcases I’m too lazy to take downstairs to my workroom after my last markets, about 5 schoolbags, about 10 paintings that we still needed to hang, 100 years worth of mail to sort, 10,000 random shoes…

You get the picture.

Every.single.time I walked through the front door it depressed me.
– I just saw a bunch of work ahead of me and it was overwhelming.
It was also the only area that I had not cleaned since moving in, so the walls were still very dirty waiting for my attention (think 5 black water buckets per wall – ewwww).

Earlier this month I decided enough was enough and one day I just decided to clear it out and start painting.
My audience cheered me on and we got to it…

photo 3 (Large)

After a few weeks of sporadic painting and a little help from Mr Flutter with the high bits
(remind me to move out before we ever need to repaint the stairwell because painting that baby is no fun whatsoever!!)
it now looks like this…

photo 1 (2) (Large)

Not the best photo and I will get better ones for the reveal, but we are SO close to finishing now.
Just one more coat of the stairwell, the ceiling, the skirting and the doors to finish and our internal painting will be complete.

I really must do some room reveals because the house is starting to look amazing.
It’s taken blood, sweat, tears, (bucket loads of hard earned money) and a ton of work, but I can finally smell the finish and boy does it sure smell sweet.
Not just that but it really feels like home now.
Our hearts are happy here.

So that is one of my many projects completed of my list.
I have a few more to diary over the coming days including a finished quilt.

Will talk again soon

Blog ending


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