We’re back!!!
And boy did we ever have a fantastic time!!

A family holiday was exactly what the doctor ordered for all of us.
{Especially me.}
I feel like we’ve all come back with some fresh perspective, renewed goals, and some genuine energy & excitement about the future. Which is a far cry from the survival mode I had been feeling for quite some months now.
What a relief!!

We fit so much into our 8 days away that I will let the pictures do most of the talking…

We visited Seaworld:

Sea world
Seaworld, Gold Coast Australia

That was an awesome family day out! Lots of things to see that all ages could enjoy and the weather was beautiful!!

That night we hired a baby sitter & the Mummies & Daddies got to go out and remind themselves what life used to be like before children… We enjoyed a beautiful dinner together out at Southbank Brisbane…

We’d almost forgotten what getting to eat my meal hot, not have to get up 500 times to chase a toddler back to her seat, and having an uninterrupted conversation was like!

The next morning was yet another glorious day of mid 20s. So we decided to head South a little way to have brunch, visit the markets and check out the Wellington Point beach…

A spot of face painting
Wellington Point Beach

On Monday we took some time out to do some more serious stuff that we don’t usually have the time to do, like looking at houses & meeting with a home loan broker. It was nice to hear that we were where we were hoping we were, or even further along and that our hard work is finally all starting to pay off.
Exciting to think that shortly we’ll be in a position to buy another home (now the crucial part is just figuring out where to buy it!!)

We also caught up with one of my cousins for dinner. Prior to Saturday night I hadn’t seen her since I was about 12 so that was really lovely to catch up!!

On Tuesday we headed back down to the Gold Coast to visit Movie world:

Our visit to Movieworld, Gold Coast Australia

Despite the fact that Hannah wasn’t feeling too well we managed to have a great time. That bottom left picture in the top mosaic is her first “big” roller coaster ride.
I tried to talk her out of it because I took her on a little one in Perth one time and she cried.
But she begged so I gave in and let her.
Then she almost didn’t get to go on – the man had to measure her with a special measuring tape & she was literally tall enough to the millimetre.
But she proved me wrong & did not cry, proudly announcing “I am a brave super star Mummy, I wasn’t scared!”

Danger Mouse littlest Flutter was highly miffed she was too little to go on the roller coaster & such. There wasn’t too much she was allowed to do but she proudly showed us all how good a driver she was at the bumper cars…

You can tell by the grin on her that she was having a total ball.

By the afternoon Hannah, who hadn’t been feeling well all day, was really starting go downhill fast so we headed back home only to discover that she’d been running a temperature all day.
Whoops… and the parent of the year award goes to!

Hannah had been complaining of a sore ear & throat for the past 2 weeks and I suspected she’d developed tonsillitis from her cold so I figured I better take her to the doctor just to get her checked out.
Yes it turns out that even on holiday we just can’t stay away from the Emergency room…

But thankfully the one we went to was just fantastic; after only a short wait we came away with my suspicions confirmed and free bottles of antibiotics, panadol and a new inhaler all for free.
Apparently if you’re going to have a sick child on holiday then Wynnum Hospital, Brisbane is the place to visit!!

The rest of our holiday was very laid back. We went for a drive up to the Sunshine Coast, looked at a few more houses, and just generally enjoyed hanging out with my Brother, Sister in Law & the lovely Amelia…
Because lets face it, it was really for cuddles with my gorgeous new niece that we decided to visit:

Pretty Baby A - my niece

The girls having "floor time" with my niece

And gorgeous she sure is!
The girls took to playing with each other like ducks to water & it was so lovely to see them all spending time together.

I think all in all we had the perfect holiday!

Of course the question on everybody’s lips since arriving home has been “so are you going to move to Brisbane?!”.
Well… I can’t answer that finally, but I will say that Brisbane seems just beautiful (if not just a little hot) and it has left us with lots of food for thought.
In other words, lets just see what happens. Anything is possible 😉

But for now we are just happy to be home in our own beds!!!

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  1. What a lovely holiday! Oh I would love to have sea world or something similar close!
    I remember talking my son out of going on the roller coaster after a big cry but now I have someone who likes them as much as I do 🙂

  2. Looks like you all had loads of fun on holiday!! And a great BIG sigh of relief that you got such a good doctor for Hannah & free meds!
    In fact, the whole trip sounds like it was just what the “doctor ordered”! 😀

  3. Welcome home! So glad that you all had a wonderful, relaxing holiday with your extended family. Hopefully we can catch up sometime before the girls and I head to NZ on the 24th. xx
    P.S. Big decisions ahead – rather you than me! :p

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