It’s the final week of my photo project –
A photo of my children once a week for 52 weeks…

I have loved this project!
To be honest I was a little nervous at the beginning that I would stick with it through the year… (I don’t have the best track record of sticking with things.)
I did miss a few weeks here and there, but over all I was pretty consistent really.
Boy am I pleased that I stuck with it because what an incredible record!

As an end of the year final post I thought it would be fun to look back at photos from each month –

January –

1 52

Wow who are those tiny girls? These were taken on a family getaway that we took over the new year break. We only went for 2 days and 1 night, but it was enough to do some really fun things as a family including taking the girls ten-pin bowling for the first time.

February –


Hannah started her first year of full time school. Here Abbie sits on her “Great Granny’s” knee at a family wedding.

March –


Hannah enjoys an ice-cream at the park with me as we have a one-on-one conversation to discuss our move to NZ.
Our smallest ballerina heads off to class with her Daddy.

April –


It’s your birthday shortly Hannah so here you are addressing the invitations to all your friends – the first time you’ve been able to address them yourself! (and this is your typical post-school hairdo)

April marks the month that we introduced you to riding a bike Abbie, and you quickly started your love affair. This photo reminds me of the many bike rides we used to take to the park and to pick wild flowers down our street.

May –


The day of your party has finally arrived Hannah and rightly so you are very e.x.c.i.t.e.d. What a day of fond memories and celebration.

Abbie, here you lie asleep in your Nanny’s arms. May marked our move to New Zealand and this was taken a few days before the movers came. Our move was huge event in your life. It affected you the most out of all of us and it did take you quite a few months to recover and become settled afterwards.

June –


Here you are scootering to your first day of NZ school Hannah. Pounding the pavements that I once walked myself to school.

All dressed up for the cool NZ weather Abbie, on our way back from picking Hannah up from school.

July –


July marked a huge new journey for us – we purchased a new home! Not just any home but a huge DIY project. We took ownership on July 4th, so this marked the month of you two largely having to entertain yourselves while Mummy scraped, sanded, painted and coordinated the renovations and Daddy worked in Australia to pay for them.

August –


August is Abbie’s birthday month so that was the first main event of August. You asked to ride a horse for your birthday Abbie (I suspect the idea came from watching one of my Instagram friends videos of her horse riding!) so ride a horse you did. We had a lovely party with your cousins.

September –


September saw life settle down somewhat for us. We moved into our home in the middle of August and renovations slowed to a halt as we finally got a chance to catch our breath and enjoy it. These photos remind me of how excited we were when our things arrived – here Hannah models a tutu that I made her now that my sewing/craft room was finally back up and running, and Abbie plays with some of her toys she missed in the months we lived out of suitcases.

October –



October was the month of the professional photo as we had our annual photo session ready to send everybody for Christmas. I love this selection as I feel it really captures your personalities.

November –


Ah the loss of the first tooth – a momentous occasion and one that bought Hannah large amounts of excitement. Followed by Abbie’s first hairdresser haircut – NOT so exciting… caused by her decision to cut chunks of hair out of one side of her head one afternoon. (Technically this happened in October but shhh don’t tell).

December –


Hair flinging, ear piercing excitement over receiving a long coveted object for Christmas… Hannah had been requesting a “pillow pet” for months. We both thought her desire for it would wear down, OR that upon receiving it the pillow pet would hold fascination for about 5 minutes, but we’ve both been proven wrong. It is the new favourite and goes everywhere with Hannah now. Huge puddles of tears are had if it can not be found at bedtime. So we shall see how long the attachment lasts…

Tiny hands make tiny tea for her new teddy… This tiny tea and cake set were purchased from the stall holder that neighbours me at the Wellington Underground Market. Each week I peak over at their tiny works of art and die of cuteness. So these were purchased for Miss Abbie who loves all things tiny and cute to have birthday tea parties with her Sylvanians.

* * *

And that is 2013 in a wrap!

I loved this project so much that I plan to continue it in 2014.

It is such a joy seeing the girls develop and I know I will be pleased I’ve kept this diary once they have grown.

Happy new year everyone!

Blog ending



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  1. What a great project and thank you for making a compilation for us to enjoy. As you say, how they have grown in a year!! You don’t see it month to month but if you go from January to December it’s pretty evident!

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