The closest I have come to sewing recently…
… Is cutting circles out of fabric to “pretty up” some Christmas gifts.
Sad but true…

Instead, this week has been all about the Christmas prep.
Today I can finally tick teacher gifts of my to-do list.
And oh am I pleased to have them off my plate! They have been weighing on my mind (what to do, what to DO!) for a week or so.
But done they are and I am quite pleased with the results…

It started this morning with a bit of home baking:


Continued with some free printables, modge podge & canvases I had on hand to make some pretty cool (even if I do say so myself) and very inexpensive art work. Less than $5 I would say. Pretty much just the cost of the canvases, which considering the fact I’d had these canvases in my laundry cupboard for at least 2 years, I’m pretty sure we can consider them “free”…

This is for Hannah’s main teacher…

I found the free printable here. But since it’s for a kindy teacher I decided to use photoshop to insert the word “play” instead of “read” and make it a little bit more relevant.
She will also get a small jar of goodies pictured below.

This one was for her Dance teacher…

Found on the same website, I totally thought of Miss Gemma when I saw this one. It’s even the dance studio brand colours.
There are a bunch of other subway art printables available on that website too.
Well worth checking out.

For her teacher aids I put some home baking, candy canes, and love heart chocolates in a $2 masonry jar, topped it with fabric, twine & some home made gift tags and wallah, another set of gifts all well under $5 each.

Teachers gifts made - check. Phew, another job off the list

Hopefully they will go down well. I am pleased with them considering my lack of inspiration & they at least they look pretty and effective.

Next year I will try and get my act together and sew something for them, but I just didn’t have it in me this year.

And I think, finally, my list might actually be looking a bit smaller and less scary.

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  1. mmmm chocolates… I’m sure I did read the rest of your post but honestly, my brain never left that first photo… mmm looks so good!
    Okay, reread. Very clever with the prints, nice different idea too 🙂

  2. Great idea witht he canvases! I’m sure both teachers will be very happy with them.
    And I’m yet to meet a teacher who doesn’t love food gifts. I remember one year I got given home made gingerbread…. mmmm.
    E xx

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