Friday was our big moving day…
The day we got to be reunited with all our things, after 3 months.

First the truck had to make it up our long tree lined driveway…

The driver did an amazing job!
{Although to be perfectly honest I wish they had pruned more of the trees as they came up and down – it would have saved us the job 😉 }

Then the house rapidly turned into box city…

I tell you what – those moving boys can life some pretty heavy stuff all on their own!
Talk about muscles!
Boy was it awesome to have the movers do it all for us!!! I got to sit on the steps and direct traffic… Which package to go in which room etc…
Then they unwrapped everything for us, assembled all the furniture (e.g. beds and kitset furniture) and took away all the rubbish.
Too easy!

But then they left us to the rest and the real fun started…
It got a bit overwhelming at first as I tried to decide where to begin. Especially when looking at the kitchen and hallway! I guess that’s because they are the only rooms that aren’t decorated yet maybe?
So I left Mum and Inez to the kitchen, Mr Flutter & Dad went downstairs to assemble kitset furniture, and I disappeared to put together the bedrooms…

The house has gone through various stages of complete chaos…

But we have gotten there pretty rapidly and as of tonight we’ve finished unpacking in the 3 bedrooms, the kitchen, the majority of the lounge, and even the a large portion of the rumpus.

Plenty of thanks need to go to Inez, Mum and Dad for helping us on Friday and Saturday, and Aunty Lynne for coming to hang with me and help me unpack/clean today.
A big help!
Not to mention Mr Flutter of course who had been hanging lights, screwing things to walls, making holes in walls to vent the dryer outside, and just generally doing all the stuff I wouldn’t have a clue how to do.
Clever man.

Here is a peak at the girls rooms so far…
Hannah’s Room…

Abbie’s Room…

Just the art work and bunting to hang and the girl’s rooms will be finished completely.

Well, except for the curtains. But that is an ongoing saga currently out of my control.
Long story!
The end result is that our curtains aren’t finished as planned, and we are now awaiting new fabric to arrive from England, which is likely to take an entire month.
That is all…
We will move onwards and upwards from here and I know they will be worth the wait.


Tonight we were lucky enough to host our first completely impromptu dinner party – 10 people for dinner…
It was a very posh dinner – everyone bought their own takeaways with them and there was a choice of McDonalds, Chinese, Thai, and Subway.

That is what happens when one of your out of town Uncle’s compliments your renovations over on Instagram and you flippantly say that you’d love to show him around when he’s next in town, not realising that in fact he was in town this evening. So he invited himself for dinner, and naturally (as it tends to do with a family my size) without any help whatsoever it turned into a little party.
What a treat to host my parents, two of my Mum’s siblings, and my Grandmother for dinner on the fly.
Especially as I didn’t have to cook!
They even folded my washing and did my vaccuuming for me while they were here…
Look what was I missing out on all this time 😉
Seriously – they can come again any time!

So the move in has gone extremely well and it’s been a lovely few days adjusting to being in our new home!
Still a lot to do, but what’s new. We’ve done plenty enough to make it liveable now that all the main rooms are set out. Now perhaps we can have a slower few days to enjoy being here together before Mr F goes back away to work.

Everyone keeps asking me if it feels like home yet, and I have to say that it doesn’t.
It more feels like we’re staying in a really posh holiday resort. Except for the part where it’s not a holiday and there is so much work to be done LOL.
I’m sure it will before long though.

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  1. I am so glad you are now surrounded by such fun and helpful family, what a change for the better for all of you. You house is starting to really come together too, all your hard work is paying off.

  2. You’ve worked so hard to get this far, you deserve a big family full of love, admiration and help! Soon be done! And you’ll all sit back and enjoy 🙂 x

  3. You are doing great! The girls rooms looks so sweet and I’m sure they will be covered in toys and looking lived in soon 😉

    Enjoy your new place, and enjoy having help from family!

  4. Yay!! Furniture!!! Y’all are doing a wonderful job unpacking – yay again for family helpers!

    I love, Love, LOVE the reflections from the light in the dining room!


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