I’m in a reflecting mood, so today these are the things I’m loving today…

**  Loving our church…
I haven’t been nearly enough these past couple of months with all the sickness going on. So it’s nice to be back going regularly again.
This weekend was the 20th anniversary of “planting” of the church and it was such a great weekend of celebration, fellowship & visioning forward.
I feel renewed.

Our Pastor’s wife asked me this week to create a vinyl wall art for the foyer to greet people as they walk in.
I was honoured and truly believe that it sums it up so well – I have certainly been flourishing under their leadership.


**  Loving my children’s laughter…
Again I haven’t heard nearly enough of it in the past few months. So I am loving the fact that Abbie has an almost constant smile on her face these days.
Loving tickles and the giggles that result.
They are definitely the treasure at the end of my rainbow!!…


**  Loving Spring…
The weather has turned.
I can tell that by all the weeds in my garden that need my attention pronto.
It’s warmer and the sun has been shining down on us.
Floaty floral dresses have been worn.
Smell the barbecue scent in the air because Summer is on it’s way baby.


**  Loving our new {mostly} wholefoods diet…
I feel so good on it. In general the kids are eating better.
More recipes planned for sharing over on my journey natural diary very soon…

wholefood selection

**  Loving my husband…
Well deserved celebrations are in the air…


More info on that to follow.
But I’ll just say that I’m so proud of how hard he works for our family.
He is such a good husband, father & role model for our children.
And especially LOVE that he’s been home for the last 3 1/2 weeks straight.

What are 5 things you’re loving today?

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  1. It’s so funny – I’m loving the change in seasons, too, but here is summer into fall. We’re (a little) overwhelmed preparing for the baby, but yesterday was just a perfect fall day. I got to drive home from my baby shower while the sun was setting, drinking a pumpkin spice latte and listening to Garrison Keillor (I bet most of Australia has never heard of him, lol). Absolute perfection.

  2. Lovely post Kat!
    I’m grateful for my family, my health, for being able to spend time with my extended, chosen family (bridal shower, wedding soon!), for the weather cooling off 20 degrees (whew!) and for the internet that has allowed to meet some wonderful new friends!!!

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