Possibly one of the strangest titles I’ve ever written, but today has been full of all 3…

Tears of frustration and tantrums,

But thankfully I finish this evening with a great sense of accomplishment.

I told you about my dilemma over whether to stick with Blogger vs move to WordPress yesterday.

This move has been something I’ve questioned for a long time, and now that I’ve decided to focus more seriously on my blog again I decided that it was time for me.

I don’t subscribe to the school that WordPress is the holy grail of all blogging platforms. In fact I happen to think that Blogger is pretty fantastic and definitely has its place. But never the less, I have now officially decided to move on and here are my reasons:

Working on my new “About Me” page…

1: I wanted to change my domain name.

Yes, I could have done this and stuck with Blogger. But it was proving complicated with what I’d already paid for and as there were other reasons to move as well I decided not to muck about with it.

2. Blogger has been known on occasion to eat blogs.

Sorry to those of you that this is news to, but it is the truth. I know of a couple of people this has happened to and since finding that out I have been quite diligent at backing up my blog.

I know a few of you are wanting to know how to back up so don’t worry I will show you this Saturday. It’s easy once you know how.

3. There is small print that says Google now owns my Blogger content.

I’m sure this probably would never come to anything. And it’s the same with hotmail or live mail etc technically owning my email content, or Facebook and Instagram owning whatever you upload etc. etc. etc. It seems to be the fine print of choice for social media. If I was to carry on in the same nature this wouldn’t bother me so much. But I don’t plan to.

My plan is to grow my blog, grow my tutorials, grow my design skills and services on offer. So I’d rather own that myself thanks Google.

4. I can never get my blog as pretty as I want it.

My new button – Thank you Alice for helpingme learn what on earth “image mapping” was!

After 3 years I’ve become relatively familiar with changing minor html and my photoshop/Indesign skills are slowly growing too. But try as I might I could never get Blogger to look quite how I want it to. WordPress, so I’m told, has much more ability to change things about and it has proven that to me already. Even if it is a might steep learning curve at first. I am really happy with how my new blog is coming together and I can’t wait to show you.

I am now well under way making the switch.

I’m not going to lie – it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing. In fact there were several strings of rude words uttered today and my computer nearly got hurled several times too.

I haven’t been that frustrated and mad in a long time.

BUT in saying that tonight I am very happy with progress. It is satisfying knowing that today I learnt so many new skills.

Oh yes, I feel on the verge of conquering it.

What a happy feeling.

Until tomorrow rolls around and something else doesn’t go my way I suspect.

But tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for helping me clarify what I wanted!

I appreciate your comments.

Love teamwork!


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