Taking some time…


     To refresh…

    After the week we’ve had (or the month… take your pick), we really needed to get out as a family and do something fun! So on Saturday afternoon we finally got a chance to get changed out of our jammies and off we went to visit the circus.

    There was a lot of excitement because the girls had been looking forward to it for the last 3 weeks…

    And the show did not disappoint!…
    Two little girls sat like statues, fully absorbed in the entire show…

    So much to see –
    It was exactly the pick me up we needed!

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments on the diary of Abbie’s week! Abbie is still running a temp & feeling reasonably miserable, but with every day she’s back on antibiotics her pain seems to be diminishing & I’m not having to medicate her quite as much.
    It’s slow progress but it’s something…

    8 more days and counting 🙂

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    1. Love the first photo of pure happiness, and the one of Abbie totally mesmerised. Glad you all had a good day out. Well deserved and then some!

    2. If anyone deserves a break it’s you!

      I’m glad she’s feeling better. I told my husband all about your plight with socialized medicine and we were both thankful you have the opportunity and resources to get her help faster.


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