Well, well, well… A funny thing happened today…
This morning Miss Bella (who is quickly becoming the most blogged about cat in history) went off to the “fix it shop” to be spayed.
My instructions from the vet were to ring back after 4pm today and see what time I should pick her up.
So I did.
However, instead of reception, who I normally get when I ring, the vet himself picked up.
When I told him which animal I was enquiring about Bella he knew immediately who I was talking about and had a little chuckle…
It went like this…

The vet: “Ahhhh  yes, Bella… Funny story about Bella…”
Me: “Okkkk. Sounds good. I take it she’s alright though?”
The vet: “Yes the surgery went well, it just didn’t exactly go as originally expected… You see I opened up her tummy, as we do to do a ‘spay’, and low and behold I had a bit of trouble finding her bits. There I was thinking “that’s strange, where are her darn ovaries!” and I could not find them. I’ve been doing this a long time, and it usually only takes me about 15 seconds to find everything, so the nurse and I looked at each other in confusion and lifted up Bella’s tail, and how about that but there were some Testicles…
So… not a girl cat, a boy cat!
Usually reception check as they check the animal in, but this time clearly not. But don’t worry, Bella is doing absolutely fantastically. After that little confusion his surgery went without a hitch, and the good news for you today is that the boy operation is cheaper…”
Me: *Big pause…. then “Bahahahahahahahaha!!!”

I mean what can you do but laugh.
This cat, who we bought as a “female” on all her paperwork, turns out to be a “Billy” and not a “Bella!!

I even remember at the time of purchase that the girl at the shop was scandalised that I bought Bella a blue litter tray and bowl set because apparently “you CAN’T buy a little girl kitten a blue litter tray!”
{Pfft, you can if it’s my favourite colour and “she” doesn’t know any different!}
And it definitely says female on all her paperwork!!

The funniest thing of all is that Bella was a gift from my bestie who is a vet nurse and she didn’t even notice the mistake! We just both assumed we were being told the correct information and didn’t think to check. When rung her before and told her what happened she just about wet herself laughing.

It is beyond me how all this time Bella survived my friend’s affections, 2 round of vaccinations and her microchipping (both at a different vet to that we normally use and took her to today I might add) without that mistake being picked up!!

Do you know, I have looked at “her” several times and thought “I’m sure all our other girl cats in the past didn’t have bits as bulgy as Bella’s..”
But then who am I to know any different…. I thought I would look like a complete dumb dumb asking about that to the vet LOL…

So there you go, a totally unexpected event for the day.
Now I have to go through all her paperwork and redo it so that immigration doesn’t go
“what the what… this is a boy cat, why does it say female on all the paperwork – is this the right cat?!”
Then of course there is the question of what we do about “her” name…

When I told Hannah that Bella was actually a boy cat it was fair to say that she was less than impressed!
Yes the hysterical crying and indignant yelling of “NO, Bella is a girl!!!” kind of gave her thoughts on the matter away.
So I think that our new Mr cat will just have to stay Mr Bella. Because otherwise we might have both the small people in our house start a riot.

I think Bella is shaping up to be the most interesting pet we have ever owned!!
Makes me wonder what is coming next 😉

**  Oh, and just in case you’re wondering if in fact it is Bella that came back to us, or maybe another random cat and case of mistaken identity, I asked them to check her microchip number. 
So yup, it’s definitely the original Bella!

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  1. LOL! Tell you what tho, showed my man your pic of bella there before I told him the story, I even said “this is bella” and he said “its a tom, look at his big nose”…
    Brilliant suggestion from Krislovesfabric, after losing his balls I’m sure he wont mind losing an L too!

  2. that’s hilarious! i thought clarkson was a little girl, too, but he’s most absolutely not. i understand males are much more affectionate than females, so bonus!

  3. LOL! That is hilarious!! I thought you were going to say that she was pregnant… surprise! Kittens!

    We had that happen as well. We adopted a stray from someone who found “her” in the backyard. At the time, “she” was too young to tell the difference in gender. After “she” got a bit older, we took “her” in to the vet to get a check up and the vet said girl as well. We scheduled a spay. They did a neuter. Apparently our boy kitty was not and never would be fully developed and his man bits didn’t drop properly. So it was almost impossible to tell from the outside that “she” was actually a “he.” Poor little guy!! 😉 😉

  4. ROFLMAO, he wasn’t as daft as he looked protecting his bits for that long, bet he got his end away a few times on the way home ;o)

    My granny and grandad had a yorkie that started off life as a Missy Toots and ended up a Sparky (thank god, even at 6 I knew I’d be mortified if I had to take it for a walk and shout out ‘Missy Toots’ across the park ;o) )

  5. My cat Opie was originally my brother’s cat. He named her Opie because he thought she was a boy… when I went to get her spayed the vet’s office had her as a male… I asked if they had seen her before and they said yes, but still had male on their charts LOL… I guess it happens a lot 🙂

  6. I knew what you were going to say and I still laughed! Keep calling him Bella, he is after all a little bit closer to being a girl than he was before you took him to the vet. Those bulging bits are gone after all.

  7. LOL. The same thing happened to my sister. Bought a girl cat and called it Amelie. Took her in to get fixed, Vet called to tell her he’s a boy. Funniest thing ever.

  8. Hee hee hee hee hee! Love it!

    Once upon a time, a beautiful apricot tinted white, long haired cat adopted my sister & brother in law. Harry named her “Miss Kitty”. Being good cat parents they took her to the vet to be “fixed”. When Harry went to pick her up, the vet said he had bad news & good news…. The good news, the cat was already neutered. The bad news? They had to change the cats name to “MR. Kitty”!

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