I was reminded of this poster today, so I thought I’d share it with you.
It was given to me by my Godfather roughly about 20 years ago (eek that makes me sound old!). It has travelled with me ever since, and that is saying something because I travel pretty light! But I have been unable to part with this treasure.
For starters the person that gave it to me is so incredibly special to me. Without a doubt the biggest positive influence in my life growing up, after my own parents and the most encouraging person I know. That always helps!
Secondly – it adorned my bedroom wall for the best part of my later childhood. And I even kept it on the wall all through my teenage years, (although it was relegated to the back of my door for a little while). So it is familiar, and comforting. I have a deep fondness of it as a result.

But lastly – what a message it holds…
Short, sweet, but to the point!

Hands up who’s ever had their dream crushed by someone else’s negative thoughts on it?
I know I have.
Lots of times.
Rude isn’t it, when someone comes along and dream crushes!
I tend to find (among other things like fear) that once I’ve had my dream crushed, whatever the reason it happens, it stunts my ability to continue to dream.
Well to dream big enough anyway.

But this week, as I continue to see some of my dreams realised, and my own little boutique becoming a reality, (albeit a baby boutique reality) I’m reminded to keep believing.
Because last year at times things got really tough for me on a personal level. And I nearly gave up my business plenty of times as a result. But I’m so glad I didn’t! Because now I’m stronger than ever and the success of my business is starting to mirror that.

I’m certain I won’t have experienced my last ever setback. Setbacks are pretty inevitable.
But in the words of Jesus, in Mark 9:23 “What do you mean ‘if I can’? Jesus Asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes!” (New Living Translation).

So I need to keep believing, and change my mentality to see setbacks as what they truly are: just the ability to learn  more and be stronger for it going forward.

This poster now adorns the door to my children’s bedroom.
I pray that they can grow up believing in their dreams too, and as their mother I don’t ever become their dream crusher.


Do you have a dream?
If not, maybe it’s time to start dreaming & believing again?

Happy Sunday!
I pray that you go dream big 🙂

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  1. This was a lovely post to read, Kat. I had a supportive Godfather, too, and he came to my rescue more than once when I needed another opinion or actual help with something. I still miss him everyday! Glad to see you have this piece of your history to help pass on an important message to your children.

  2. I think we all need to dream and keep dreaming. It’s one of the things that keeps life interesting. I have always ignored people who weren’t supportive of my hopes and dreams and aspirations.

    Keep on dreaming Kat. Reach for the stars!

  3. Lovely post Kat. I follow the Buddhist philosophy and they believe that there is suffering (which is all of life’s ups and downs or the daily dross) and its really all about how you deal with that. I don’t thing anyone has a perfect life and the only time we get a plateau is when we are on a diet 😉 we all can choose our reactions to what other people do and say, I try to teach my kids that they have a choice and right actions, right thoughts will leave them feeling better about themselves and situations even if it is hard at the time.

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