“Comparison is the thief of joy…”


{Just ignore the words of the song for a minute… but…}
Isn’t this music video incredibly clever!
It blows my mind that 5 people can play 1 guitar and have it sound so amazing!

– But imagine if instead of working so well together, this band had tried to compete and outdo each other with their different parts, or snatch the guitar out from under each other…
Somehow I don’t think it would look or sound nearly as effective! 😉

This reminded me today just what we are all capable of if we stop comparing ourselves to others & focus on doing our own skills and gifts really well… The harmony and joy that can result from working together, each doing what we are best at, can be brilliant.

So lets not compare ourselves to others shall we.
Lets instead work together to be brilliant:)

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  1. Wow, that video is truly very clever. As are your thoughts on the message. This would be a perfect idea for my assembly at school next week, would you mind if I borrowed (and credited you) it?

  2. Yes we all need to remember that we’re unique and talented and not like anyone else. We should spend our time sharing our unique gifts and not comparing ourselves to others.

    That’s something Im working on this year….

  3. I like to ‘compare’ in order to aspire and learn, not to do myself or anyone else down or think anyone-else is better as a person – just more experienced. I agree with what you say though xxx

  4. Yep, very true! I am forever comparing your fabric stash to mine lol!
    No seriously, I always compare my sewing to yours, wishing I could be as brilliant as you, but I guess, I should be happy I have the skills that I have, and work with them!
    We are going to be a great “Market” team this year! Big things for both our businesses!

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