We are currently experiencing our second storm in 24 hours…
The first one hit last night at about 11.15pm.
The thunder was so loud overhead that the entire house was rattling.
Quite spectacular!

About 5 minutes in I decided to go and sleep in Abbie’s room since she is a light sleeper and I knew if she woke up she would be scared.
Upon entering her room she cried out “Muuuuum” in a strangled type voice. The poor thing was so petrified that she was frozen still and trembling.
Lucky I had mothers intuition. I’d have hated for her to be trembling alone in bed.
Eventually the storm passed over and she fell asleep in my arms.

The funniest thing was that about 10 minutes after the storm passed over Hannah woke up crying because she couldn’t breathe through her nose. She was completely oblivious to the storm and slept through the entire thing!

Right now, as the daylight fades into night, storm number 2 has just commenced. Typical because it’s about time to start turning all the lights on and begin cooking dinner but the power has gone out.
Thank goodness we have gas hot water and hob. So I should still be able to cook dinner.

I guess it will be a quiet evening by candlelight for us.
Once the kids are in bed that is.
Because between the kids noise & the thunder it sure isn’t quiet at the moment!

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  1. you clearly have great intuition! I agree with Sarah, I love storms so luckily my kids seem to have inherited my excitement when they hear thunder (we never have really bad ones here though).
    Hope you had a nice peaceful dinner 🙂

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