SQUEEEEE…. It’s Official…


    It’s official…

    In a couple of weeks time we will get the keys to this pretty little front door…
    Eeeeeek exciting days!!
    Exciting but busy – this house & car buying business is sooooo time consuming.
    We’ve been working on both for the last 3 weeks and today in typical style it all happened in the same day.
    I’m still coming back down to earth!
    I can’t wait to give you the full tour soon!

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    1. You managed to accomplish both in 3 weeks. I’m impressed! You probably have a good realtor, or are you your own realtor? Many house hunters do this now – facilitating the house buying process on their own. But if you double it with car buying, it would be extremely stressful. It’s glad to hear you’re doing great! :)) House Connect Now


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