I’m sure you are getting sick of the sight of skirts on my blog, but I still cannot resist sharing these because I have had an enjoyable week doing a spot of shopping and dreaming up some new t-shirt and skirt combos. I enjoy the process of figuring out which fabrics to pair with which. I guess it’s like patchwork but on a small, much faster scale 😉
Yesterday I purchased 40 new t-shirts – YIKES that’s a lot of work to do! About 25 hours sewing I’d say…

So far these new combinations are coming to my shop in the next few weeks…

IMG_7168ec (Large) IMG_7175 (Large) IMG_7179 (Large) IMG_7183 (Large) IMG_7203 (Large) IMG_7171 (Large)


Skirt and top sets are SO hard to photograph and consequently look a ton better in real life. They never look as good on my tiny mannequin as they do on a small person and it doesn’t help that I took these in really bad light.

Most of these sets are available in sizes 1-6 years.
I also have some short & t-shirts coming up… A bit more pink and some purple for the mix.
So that’s a small clue into what I’ll be sewing (over and over and over) in the next few weeks before my next 4 markets weekends.

These are all made with my skirt pattern. So many different options!
Love it.

I’ve keep the t-shirts simple so that I can keep the prices at a pleasing level. I sell these sets for $35 each + shipping and they always sell out very quickly. If you have your eye on one just email me and I can let you know what shipping will be. There is a $5 flat charge for shipping within NZ but international is product specific.



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