It hasn’t been a great week {or two} here…

Both girls started the week sick, as one or both had been all of last week too. But toward the middle of the week Hannah became seriously ill, and at one stage I thought we were going to end up in the emergency room with her. She took the same route as Abbie did last week, developing a serious respiratory infection after being treated with a course of antibiotics for an ear & throat infection.
{I think they must not have been on a broad enough spectrum of antibiotics in the first place!}

So we spent a lot of the week like this…

I can remember my Dad making me do these horrible steam inhalations when I was a child.
I remember they used to make me feel like I was suffocating & I hated them…
But I cannot deny that they do help!

And not much sleep was had from Wednesday onwards!
When on Friday she had finished her medicine and it became apparent she was getting worse not better I took her back to the doctor.
Thank goodness I had the wisdom to ask if we could first see the nurse to get her oxygen levels checked, because just as I suspected they were low and we were thankfully able to jump the (veeeery long 50 person) queue and see the triage doctor as a priority case.
(Hannah is no stranger to being hospitalised for respiratory problems so these days I know exactly what to ask for).

I am sooooooo happy to report that after a double dose of steroids and a double dose of strong antibiotics we managed to avoid a trip to hospital she is doing SO much better!

Up until this week we’ve actually been surviving pretty well with Neil being away at work after a long 3 month period at home…
The last week of his 4 weeks away is always the toughest, but this week has been harder than most since we got to leave the house all of 3 times… grocery shopping, pharmacy run & doctor and my duties as nurse maid were full on.
It has been an exciting week I tell you!
3 more sleeps until he gets home and counting!!

But the great news is that the girls are finally feeling so much better and I think by tomorrow we might actually be able to leave the house. Hoooooray!!!
That will help us avoid any more time spent like this:

{That is that face that happens when you are finally well but your sister still is not, so you still have to stay at boring old home. Oh the injustice!}

All this has of course meant that my newly found sewing mojo had to go on the back burner once again while I played nursemaid.
Today I finally got back in there. I decided to embrace the ugly and sew something to match my mood:

I’ll be back to tell you all about the sewing ugly tomorrow.
After we’ve gone out to say hello to the world that is… 😉

Hope you are all having a considerably better weekend than me!

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  1. You poor thing! It is bad enough being poorly oneself, but the utter deseration of really poorly children is dire.
    I am glad they are on the mend, and just make sure you all have plenty of rest!

  2. O you poor dears! I do remember those seemingly endless earlier years when I was managing my own daughter’s asthma and her weakened immune system from the steroids. When she turned 10, she started swimming lessons, then joined a team. We were happily surprised to see that this strengthened her lungs and her asthma attacks finally subsided. I learned that the best activities to strengthen lungs are: running, swimming, dancing and singing.

  3. Oh Kat, I can sympathise. My eldest has always suffered from chest infections and the like and when you are on your own it is really really tough! Am glad that Neil is home soon and you can all get together and have a big family hug x

  4. That is terrible, poor all of you. I know how trapped I feel when I have to stay at home with poorly kids, it drives me crazy! Fingers crossed you’re over the worst and things will only get better! x

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